CMS Subjects: Current Schedule and Full List

Fall 2014 Schedule: CMS
For a complete list of CMS subjects, see:

Subject and Title Sec Instructor Schedule Supplemental Descriptions
CMS.100 (CI-H) Introduction to Media Studies 1 F. Klink TR3:30-5
CMS.300 Introduction to Videogame Theory 1 M. Jakobsson MW11-12:30
CMS.350J Topics and Methods in 21st-Century Journalism 1 S. Mnookin TR12:30-2
CMS.400 Media Systems and Texts 1 J. Picker TR11-12:30
CMS.611J Creating Video Games 1 P. Tan, S. Verrilli MW1-4
CMS.615 Games for Social Change 1 S. Osterweil TR2-3:30
CMS.616J Games and Culture 1 T.L. Taylor T7-10pm
CMS.619J Gender and Media Studies 1 K. Surkan W7-10pm
CMS.634 Designing Interactions: Media and Mobile Technologies 1 F. Casalegno W10-1
CMS.S60 Special Subject: Social Television Workshop 1 M. Montpetit TR3-4:30 description
CMS.S61/CMS.S97 Special Subject: Critical Worldbuilding 1 J. Diaz WR7-10pm description

CMS.790 Media Theories and Methods I 1 W. Uricchio TR9:30-11
CMS.796 Major Media Texts 1 E. Brinkema T7-10, W6-9
CMS.801 Media in Transition 1 W. Uricchio M9-12
CMS.950 Workshop I 1 J. Paradis W2-5, F2-4
CMS.990 Colloquium in Comparative Media R5-7

4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media J. Kapadia R5-7
4.354 Introduction to Video and Related Media A. Nevarez TR9.30-12.30
4.373 Advanced Projects in Visual Arts ACT staff
21F.027J Visualizing Japan in the Modern World S. Miyagawa MW1.30-3
21F.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema J. Wang T7-10pm
21L.012 Forms of Western Narrative D. Thorburn MW3-4.30
21L.433 Film Styles and Genres A. Kibel TR2-3.30 description
21L.715 Media in Cultural Context M. Marks TR12.30-2 description
21M.624 Acting with the Camera A. Kohler MW3-5
21M.840 Performance Media B. Karasu MW2-3.30
21M.846 Topics in Performance Studies C. Braithwaite tba
21W.765J Interactive Narrative N. Montfort MW3:30-5
MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design V. M. Bove, Jr. TR4
STS.085J Foundations of Information Policy H. Abelson, M. Fischer, D. Weitzner R2-5

Complete List of CMS Undergraduate and Graduate Classes

Class Number Class Name HASS-D,

Tier I Requirements

21L.011 The Film Experience HASS-D3, CI-H
CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies HASS-D4, CI-H

Mid-Tier Requirements

CMS.400 Media Systems and Texts CI-M
CMS.403 Media and Methods: Performing CI-M
CMS.405 Media and Methods: Seeing & Expression CI-M
CMS.407 Media and Methods: Sound CI-M

Capstone Courses

21L.706 CMS.830 Studies in Film CI-M
21L.715 CMS.871 Media in Cultural Context CI-M


Course CMS – Comparative Media Studies
CMS.300 CMS.841 Intro to Videogame Studies
CMS.308 CMS.808 The Visual Story: Graphic Novel, Type to Tablet
CMS.309/ 21W.763 CMS.809 Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Sci-Fi
CMS.312 CMS.812 Topics in National and Post-National Cinema
CMS.313 CMS.813 Silent Film
CMS.314/ 21W.753 CMS.814 Phantasmal Media: Theory and Practice
CMS.334/ 21W.788 South Asian America: Transnational Media, Culture, and History
CMS.336/ 21W.786 CMS.836 The Social Documentary
CMS.338 CMS.838 Innovation in Documentary: Technologies and Techniques
CMS.350/ 21W.737 CMS.850 Topics and Methods in 21st-Century Journalism
CMS.360 CMS.860 Intro to Civic Media
CMS.361 CMS.861 Networked Social Movements: Media and Mobilization
CMS.362 CMS.862 Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio
CMS.363 CMS.873 Civic Media, Past and Future
CMS.376 CMS.876 History of Media and Technology CI-H
CMS.603 CMS.995 Independent Study
CMS.607 CMS.843 The Role of the Gamer: Theory, Criticism and Practice
CMS.608 CMS.864 Game Design
CMS.609J /21W.764J CMS.846 The Word Made Digital
CMS.610 CMS.922 Media Industries and Systems: The Art, Science and Business of Games
CMS.611/6.073 Creating Videogames
CMS.612/ 21W.767 CMS.866 Writing for Videogames
CMS.613/ 21W.751 Writing for Social Media
CMS.614/ 21W.791 CMS.867 Network Cultures
CMS.615 CMS.815 Games for Social Change
CMS.616/21W.768 CMS.868 Games and Culture
CMS.617 Advanced Games Studio
CMS.621 CMS.821 Fans and Fan Cultures
CMS.627 CMS.827 Imagination, Computation and Expression Studio
CMS.628 CMS.828 Advanced Identity Representation
CMS.631 CMS.831 Systems Visualization
CMS.633 CMS.833 Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies
CMS.634 CMS.834 Designing Interactions: Media and Mobile Technologies
CMS.701 CMS.801 Behind the Headlines: Current Debates in Media
CMS.S60 CMS.S96 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.S61 CMS.S97 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.S62 CMS.S98 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.THT Comparative Media Studies Pre-Thesis Tutorial
CMS.THU Undergraduate Thesis in Comparative Media Studies
CMS.URG / CMS.UR Research in Comparative Media Studies (UROP)
Course 4 – Architecture
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media
4.352 4.353 Advanced Video and Related Media
4.354 4.355 Introduction to Video and Related Media
4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture HASS-D3, CI-H
4.373 4.374 Advanced Projects in Visual Arts
Course 11 – Urban Studies and Planning
11.127J / CMS.590J 11.252J / CMS.863J Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education
Course 21A – Anthropology
21A.203 Anthropology Through Speculative Fiction
21A.500J / STS.075J Technology and Culture
21A.502 Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
21A.503 Language and Technology
21A.505J / STS.065J The Anthropology of Sound
21A.550J/ STS.064J DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media
Course 21F – Foreign Languages and Literatures
21F.011 Topics in Indian Popular Culture CI-H
21F.027J / 21H.917J CMS.874, 21F.590* Asia in the Modern World: Images and Representations CI-H
21F.030 East Asian Culture: From Zen to Pop
21F.035 21F.037* Topics in Culture and Globalization
21F.036 CMS.888, 21F.190* Advertising and Media: Comparative Perspectives
21F.038 CMS.888, 21F.190* The Cultural Politics of Contemporary China
21F.039 Japanese Popular Culture
21F.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema CI-H
21F.052 French Film Classics
21F.055 Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany CI-H
21F.060 Topics in Media and Cultural Studies
21F.063 Anime: Transnational Media and Culture
21F.065 21F.593* Japanese Literature and Cinema CI-H
21F.071 Freedom of Expression in Contemporary Europe CI-H
* Class number for foreign language credit.

Course 21H – History
21H.214 War and American Society
21H.315 American Consumer Culture
Course 21L – Literature
21L.012 Forms of Western Narrative HASS-D1, CI-H
21L.421 Comedy HASS-D1, CI-H
21L.430 SP.492, CMS.920 Popular Culture and Narrative
21L.432 CMS.915 Understanding Television
21L.433 Film Styles and Genres
21L.434 Science Fiction and Fantasy
21L.435 CMS.840 Literature and Film
21L.486 Modern Drama CI-H
21L.707 Problems in Cultural Interpretation
21L.708 CMS.910 Literature and Technology CI-M
Course 21M – Music and Theater Arts
21M.283 Musicals of Stage and Screen
21M.284 CMS.925 Film Music
21M.624 Acting with the Camera
21M.840 21M.841 Performance Media
21M.846 21M.847 Topics in Performance Studies
Course 21W – Writing and Humanistic Studies
21W.749 CMS.935 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images in a World of Motion
21W.752 21W.824 Making Documentary: Audio, Video and More
21W.765J/ 21L.489J CMS.845 Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice
21W.772 Digital Poetry
21W.784 Becoming Digital: Writing about Media Change HASS-D4, CI-H
21W.785 Communicating with Web-Based Media CI-M, CI-H
21W.787 CMS.837 Film, Music, and Social Change: Intersections of Media and Society
21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology CI-H
21W.790/CMS.335 21W.890 Short Attention Span Documentary
Course MAS – Media Arts and Sciences
MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design CI-H
STS.008 Technology and Experience
STS.056 Science on Screen
STS.085 6.805, STS.487 Ethics and the Law on the Electronic Frontier

Graduate Requirements

CMS.790 Media Theories and Methods I
CMS.791 Media Theories and Methods II
CMS.796 Major Media Texts
CMS.801 Media in Transition
CMS.950 Workshop I
CMS.951 Workshop II
CMS.990 Colloquium in Comparative Media