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  • Scot Osterweil Gives Highest Rated Presentation at Serious Games Summit

    Scot Osterweil Gives Highest Rated Presentation at Serious Games Summit

    The Education Arcade Project Manager Scot Osterweil’s “The Road From Zoombiniville” was the top rated presentation at this year’s Serious Games Summit.

  • "Good Ol’ J.R." Jim Ross

    WWE’s Jim Ross excited to guest lecture at MIT

    Jim Ross: “I’m really interested and excited to see what questions these very bright men and women have after studying sports-entertainment all semester.”

  • Henry Jenkins

    Jenkins interviewed for PBS’ Frontline on the future of news

    Henry Jenkins: “Each of these moments fundamentally altered pretty much everything in the culture, touching every major institution, impacting all aspects of everyday life, and fundamentally reshaping our understanding of what it meant to be human.”

  • CMS Clicks for Lensman/Alum Dan Bersak

    CMS Clicks for Lensman/Alum Dan Bersak

    Competing with thousands of other photographers for that one shot that no one else could get, says Dan Bersak, is what makes the job worth doing.

  • Convergence Culture
NYU Press, 2006

    Henry Jenkins on Ninjas, Politics, and the future of Democracy

    CMS Director Henry Jenkins’ keynote speech at this year’s Beyond Broadcast conference held last week at MIT and co-hosted by Comparative Media Studies.

  • Remixing Shakespeare

    Remixing Shakespeare

    The Feb. 15 “Remixing Shakespeare” Communications Forum looked at how interpretations of Shakespeare reflect and are reflected by contemporary culture.

  • Podcast and video: “Remixing Shakespeare”

    Podcast and video: “Remixing Shakespeare”

    New technologies are enabling forms of borrowing, appropriation and “remixing” of media materials in exciting, provocative ways. In this Forum, two MIT scholars who have studied and written about the remixing of Shakespeare will describe their research, show some salient audio-visual examples and discuss the implications of their work for contemporary culture.