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Last name First name Title Email
Lightman Alan Professor of the Practice of the Humanities
Harrell D. Fox Professor of Digital Media and AI
Schiappa Edward Head of CMS/W
John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities
Klopfer Eric Professor and Director of the Scheller Teacher Education Program and The Education Arcade
Zuckerman Ethan Director of the Center for Civic Media, and Associate Professor of the Practice at the MIT Media Lab
Brinkema Eugenie Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature and Media
Casalegno Federico Associate Professor of the Practice; Founder and Director, Design Lab
Hendershot Heather Professor
Lee Helen Elaine Professor
Condry Ian Professor
Paradis James Robert M. Metcalfe Professor of Writing and Comparative Media Studies
Wang Jing Professor of Chinese Media and Cultural Studies
Díaz Junot Rudge and Nancy Allen Professor of Writing
Reich Justin Assistant Professor
Manning Kenneth Thomas Meloy Professor of Rhetoric and History of Science
Parks Lisa Professor
Bartusiak Marcia Professor of the Practice
Montfort Nick Professor of Digital Media
Williams Rosalind Bern Dibner Professor of the History of Science and Technology
Costanza-Chock Sasha Associate Professor of Civic Media, Mitsui Career Development Professor
Mnookin Seth Professor of Science Writing; Director, Graduate Program in Science Writing; Director, The Communications Forum
Taylor T.L. Professor of Comparative Media Studies
Levenson Thomas Professor of Science Writing
Bald Vivek Associate Professor of Writing and Digital Media
Uricchio William Professor of Comparative Media Studies


Last name First name Title Email
Adams Allan Research Scientist
Sobel Amanda Lecturer
Carleton Amy Lecturer
Walsh Andrea Lecturer II
Karatsolis Andreas Associate Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication karatsol@MIT.EDU
Grant Andrew Lecturer
Nieh Ari Lecturer
Banuazizi Atissa Lecturer
Colen B. D. Lecturer
Taft Cynthia Lecturer
Custer Dave Lecturer
Barrett Ed Senior Lecturer
Fox Elizabeth Lecturer
Funkhouser Erica Lecturer
Breindel Harlan Lecturer II
Connor Jane Lecturer II
Kokernak Jane Lecturer
Melvold Janis Lecturer II
Berezin Jared David Lecturer
Wildman Jeanne Lecturer
Craig Jennifer Lecturer II
Stickgold-Sarah Jessie Lecturer
Graziano JoAnn Lecturer
Picker John Lecturer
Schoenstein Juergen Lecturer
Boiko Karen Lecturer II
Pepper Karen Lecturer
Vaeth Kimberly Lecturer
Ragusa Kym Lecturer
Roldan Leslie Lecturer II
Sutliff Linda Lecturer
Harrison Lepera Louise Lecturer
Marx Lucy Lecturer
Effron Malcah Lecturer
Ogren-Balkema Marilee Lecturer II
Levine Marilyn Lecturer
Caulfield Mary Lecturer
Nathan Micah Lecturer
Trice Michael Lecturer
Schandorf Michael Lecturer
Jakobsson Mikael Research Scientist
Jackson Nora Lecturer
Siska Pamela Lecturer
Thorndike-Breeze Rebecca Lecturer
Irwin Robert Lecturer
Calton Robert Lecturer
LeGrand Rodger Lecturer
Rodriguez Sandra Lecturer
Lewitt Shariann Lecturer
Brophy Stephen Lecturer
Ruff Susan Lecturer II
Spilecki Susan Lecturer
Carlisle Susan Lecturer
Lane Suzanne Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Rubio Thalia Lecturer
De Chant Tim Lecturer

Graduate Students

Last name First name Title Email
Dave Aashka Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Sands Annis Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Rodríguez Arce Aziria Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Lo Claudia Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Husain Fatima Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Schembri Frankie Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Mongilio Heather Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Bowie-Wilson James Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Buschmann Josefina Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Doyle-Myerscough Kaelan Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Tsipis Kelsey Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Castañón Laura Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Carney Laurel Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Falck Libby Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Kesich Lydia-Rose Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
García-Montes Mariel Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Graydon Matt Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Thompson Rachel Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Malhotra Rekha Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Rafsky Sara Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Banaszczyk Sonia Graduate Student, CMS, '18
Sharrief Sultan Graduate Student, CMS, '19
Dimacali TJ Graduate Student, Science Writing, '18
Zeamer Vicky Graduate Student, CMS, '18

Visiting Scholars and Post Doctoral Associates

Last name First name Title Email
Cooper Callum Visiting Scholar
Weaver Christopher Research Scientist and Lecturer
Juul Jesper Visiting Assistant Professor
Walker Rettberg Jill Visiting Professor
Cizek Katerina MIT Visiting Artist
Baym Nancy Research Affiliate
Tchetgen Pierre-Valery Predoctoral Fellow
Hong Sun-ha Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow


Last name First name Title Email
Adams Allan Research Scientist
Whitacre Andrew Communications Director
Shepardson Becky Undergraduate Academic Administrator
Feeley Caitlin Project Manager, Education Arcade
Couch Christina Freelance Writer, Administrative Assistant II for the MIT Communications Forum
Horvath Gabriella Financial Assistant II
Tatlock Jessica Administrative Assistant II
Olson Katherine Administrative Assistant II, Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Fendt Kurt Executive Director, HyperStudio
Bundy Lizzie Administrative Assistant
Hampton Meissa Project Coordinator
Gravito Michael Systems Administrator
Jakobsson Mikael Research Scientist
Tan Philip Creative Director, MIT Game Lab
Eberhardt Rik Studio Manager, MIT Game Lab
Verrilli Sara Development Director, MIT Game Lab
Smith Sarah Administrative Officer
Wolozin Sarah Director, Open Documentary Lab
Osterweil Scot Creative Director, Education Arcade
Larkin Shannon Academic Administrator
Strang Steven Founder and Director of MIT's Writing and Communication Center
Lane Suzanne Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Walker Will Creative Technologist