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Starting with the arrival of our very first CMS students in 1999 and Science Writing students in 2002, our alumni have gone on to some extraordinary careers. And nearly all of them can draw a straight line from their studies at CMS/W to what they do today…

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Jim Bizzocchi, '01, on "Going from CMS to Tenure"

Jim Bizzocchi, ’01, on “Going from CMS to Tenure”

Lisa Song, '09 Drinking Up the Desert

Lisa Song, ’09
Drinking Up the Desert

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Abdul-Kareem Ahmed
S.M., Science Writing, 2013
Medical Student at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Freelance Science Writer
Abdul-Kareem Ahmed Thesis: SIGN HERE: Informed Consent in Personalized Medicine
Emily Anthes
S.M., Science Writing, 2006
Emily Anthes Thesis: The Chosen Genes: Jews, Genetics, and the Future of Ethnic Medicine
Ivan Askwith
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2007
Associate Producer, Veronica Mars
Ivan Askwith Thesis: Television 2.0: Reconceptualizing TV as an Engagement Medium
Alec Austin
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2007
Systems Designer at Tapzen
Alec Austin Thesis: Expectations Across Entertainment Media
Amitabh Avasthi
S.M., Science Writing, 2004
Leslie Baehr
S.M., Science Writing, 2013
Leslie Baehr Thesis: Troubled Waters: The Battle Over Shipwrecks, Treasure and History at the Bottom of the Sea
R.J. Bain
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2004
Supervising Producer—"Pit Bulls & Parolees"
R.J. Bain Thesis: Rethinking the Informed Citizen in an Age of Hybrid Media Genres: Tanner ’88, K-Street, and the Fictionalization of News
Taylor Beck
S.M., Science Writing, 2012
Freelance Writer
Taylor Beck Taylor Beck is a freelance writer in New York. His stories have appeared in Fast Company and GQ, among other magazines, and his research in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Matter, as well as several books. He writes about medicine and neuroscience, particularly sleep, mental health, Japan and technology. His work appeared on The National Geographic Channel in a documentary, "Sleepless In America" in 2014.

Thesis: The Twitching Eye: REM Sleep and the Emotional Brain
Jason Begy
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2010
Ph.D. student at Concordia University
Jason Begy Works in game studies and game design and is a research affiliate with the MIT Game Lab.

Thesis: Interpreting Abstract Games: The Metaphorical Potential of Formal Game Elements
James Berdahl
S.M., Science Writing, 2010
Thesis: Morning Light: The Secret History of the Tagish Lake Fireball
Dan Bersak
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2006
Director of Engineering, CTO - American Unmanned Systems & GuardBot Inc.
Dan Bersak Thesis: Ethics in Photojournalism: Past, Present, and Future
Vanessa Bertozzi
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2006
Program Manager, Etsy Wholesale
Vanessa Bertozzi Thesis: Unschooling Media: Participatory Practices among Progressive Homeschoolers
Lisa Bidlingmeyer
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2007
Thesis: Agent + Image: How the Television Image Estabilizes Identity in TV Spy Series
Jim Bizzocchi
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2001
Associate Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University
Jim Bizzocchi Thesis: Ceremony of Innocence: A Case Study in the Emergent Poetics of Interactive Narrative
Kristina Bjoran
S.M., Science Writing, 2011
Kristina Bjoran Thesis: Nico’s Bubbles: The Story of a Whale, Some Crows, and the Search for Sentience
Monica Bobra
S.M., Science Writing, 2005
Thesis: The Endless Mantra: Innovation at the Keck Observatory
Amar Boghani
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2013
Creative Technologist, MIT Mobile Experience Lab
Amar Boghani Website:
Thesis: The City Expressed: Everyday Media Production and the Urban Environment
Veronica Bollow
S.M., Comparative Media Studies, 2006
Katherine Bourzac
S.M., Science Writing, 2004
Katherine Bourzac Thesis: Across the Great Divide: Chimeras and Species Boundaries
Jennifer Boyce
S.M., Science Writing, 2005
Thesis: Scroop, Luster, and Hand: The Science and Sensuality of Silk
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