Video: MST3K and Cinematic Titanic

Trace Beaulieu and Mary Jo Pehl

In December of 2007, Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu, two of the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000, assembled many of the original members of that cult TV phenomenon to form Cinematic Titanic, a live and DVD version based on their original formula of riffing on terrible movies. The actors essentially play themselves as they participate in an experiment for some unknown, possibly shadowy corporation or military force. The story currently provided to the cast is that there is a tear in the “electron scaffolding” that threatens all digital media in the world. Their experience doing MST3K is key to the organization’s plans. Two of the cast, Trace Beaulieu and Mary Jo Pehl, discussed their thoughts on producing Cinematic Titanic which came to Boston on October 29th at the Wilbur Theater.

They spoke with Generoso Fierro and Jason Begy, both of CMS’s GAMBIT Game Lab.

Andrew Whitacre

Communications Director