Video: Neil Gaiman’s 2008 lecture at MIT

After nearly six years hiding out on DVD, our video of Neil Gaiman’s lecture and conversation at MIT is now available for free online.

Gaiman’s talk and follow-up chat with CMS/W founder Henry Jenkins was the largest event we’ve ever hosted, filling MIT’s largest venue.

Sure, you may not be familiar with Gaiman himself, but you can’t read his writing (The Sandman, Coraline, The Graveyard Book) without recognizing his influences. Carroll, Tolkein, C.S. Lewis. Alan Moore. Lovecraft. Jenkins’ loves Gaiman specifically because he can channel those influences into something both original and wholly borrowable: he’s turned out to be one of the great sources of fan fiction.

Anyway, we’re really happy to finally have the full video up. We also want to give huge credit to Paul B., MIT class of 2011, who put together a complete, geeking-out write-up of the lecture.

Andrew Whitacre

Communications Director