MIT Comparative Media Studies’ American Pro Wrestling Series

Our recent American Pro Wrestling class, taught by CMS grad student Sam Ford, and our series of Wrestling Colloquia have been in the news recently.

The Boston Globe, in “At MIT, students are credited with Smackdown,” describes the class and our colloquium from March featuring Jim Ross of the WWE.

Students examine how technology has transformed wrestling into a multimedia business, and how the styles and storytelling methods have changed over the years.


Why study wrestling? Ford hopes students “use the class to learn more about how to critically analyze, discuss, and write about the popular culture they consume.” And he’s not the only one who sees the academic value of it.

MIT’s student paper, The Tech, also recently posted a summary of our last colloquium featuring WWE wrestler and bestselling writer Mick Foley.

The Mick Foley colloquium is now available online as part of the CMS Colloquia Podcast.


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