Angles 2017: Table of Contents

The following essays, written by students in the introductory writing subjects at MIT, were selected for publication in Angles 2017 by an editorial board of lecturers. The twelve works are categorized by theme and linked below. For more information on Angles see our About Angles page.  For an overview of this edition of Angles and an explanation of the thematic categories chosen for this edition, please see our Editors’ Note.


Life Lessons–Starting from Experience

cyclist-32764_1280capital e  by Tanya Llanas

My father’s a mechanic, a self-employed repairman of any and all things you could possibly break. What this really means is he’s an engineer at heart…


Towa.women's eight on charlesMaking Peace with My Standards  by TojumiOluwa Adegboyega

I hate this; I hate this; I hate this.  The words pound an unforgiving drumbeat in my head…


Sights and Sounds–Crossing Media

The Figure on the Hillside  by Kathryn Mohr

I was always one of those kids who could take a road trip and just stare out the window and never be bored.


On Zhong and Bakeries  by Katherine Gohres

Congratulations! You have been invited to Happy Garden Bakery.



Finding the Sweet Spot  by Darian Bhathena

“So, what kind of music do you listen to?” is a question… which leaves me baffled. 



The Many Worlds behind “Nocturne”  by Allison Tam

Chopin’s “Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2” begins with a subtle, timid B-flat, leaps to the distinctive major sixth, and then launches into a beautiful, yearning melody.


What’s Out There–Studying our World (and Universe)

Cancer-Causing Fat  by Lena Zhu

We have known for a long time that losing weight is healthy for overweight or obese people…But many of us do not associate obesity with cancer. 


Protecting against Lyme Disease  by Yue Zhong

In November of 1975, in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, two mothers observed a strange trend in the community. 


Celestial Pirouettes: The Twirl of Everything                            by Andrew J. Iversen

On a warm spring day, nature has always seemed to imbue me with energy.



Scientists’ Beginnings–Profiles and Proposals

McCandler.600px-Mark-III_D-RATS_2004Conor Cullinane: A Profile  by Caitlin McCandler

Conor Cullinane likes to take the least conventional path wherever he goes.



1st wearable project w:o captionLight up and Clean up: A Profile  by Karina Hinojosa

In a bright white box-like office tucked in the corner of the MIT Media Lab, there are shelves and tables with scattered boxes of wire, patchwork cloth, tiny motors, and yarn.


Plachinski.Museum_of_Science,_Boston_-_IMG_3975The BOSS Lab for Female Scientists: A Proposal                    by Elyse Plachinski

The BOSS Lab’s goal is to expose girls entering the fifth and sixth grades to the…STEM fields with persistent gender gaps.



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