Angles 2020: Table of Contents

The following essays, written by students in the introductory writing subjects at MIT, were selected for publication in Angles 2020 by an editorial board of lecturers. The ten works are categorized by theme and linked below. For more information on Angles see our About Angles page.  For an overview of this edition of Angles and an explanation of the thematic categories chosen for this edition, please see our Editors’ Note.

Identity and Experience

Infinity  by Carl Joshua Quines

When I was one, I learned to count to ten. In English, because my parents wanted me to speak English well, even if we lived in the Philippines.”


I AM A GHOUL  (A Graphic Memoir)  by Vincent Huang

“People typically don’t enjoy thinking about themselves as anything other than a human, but I do it pretty frequently.”


The World as I Knew It  by Caroline Powers

On September 7th, 2016, I met Emma Mager for the first time. I was fifteen, a high-school sophomore.


When the Jasmine Blooms  by Vainavi Mukkamala

“I tighten my fingers around the rupee bills in my hand, the sweat from my palm and the heavy humid air of the Indian monsoon season wrinkling the delicate paper.”


Chronic Misconceptions  by Nicole Seman

“Is that yours? I think you might have dropped something.” The stranger behind me in line at the store sneers, contempt and disgust heavy in her tone.



Creating Community and Culture

Rave Asian  by anonymous

“I was introduced to electronic dance music (EDM) in my freshman year by my high school swimming teammates.”


Coffee: Grounds for Reflection  by Valeria Robayo

When I tried coffee for the first time, my nose wrinkled in adamant distaste at the drink that my parents seemed to enjoy so much.”


Investigating Technology

Your Phone’s Electronic Brain  by Alex Studer

“Imagine you could buy a fully functional cellphone for $12. Such a device does actually exist, ….”


E-Magic  by Shashvat Srivastava

“I consider myself a wizard. Every day, I walk around with a magic wand in my pocket.”



The New Food Revolution: Lab-Made Meat  by Emily DeBitetto

“You are at a restaurant and are served a basket of golden-brown chicken tenders. You cannot wait to bite into that crispy fried coating…”.



Nature’s Plan

Into  Our  Garden  by  Akila  Saravanan

“Large patches of shade speckle the fertile brown-and-black soil. Small, lime green shoots sprout from seeds thrown helter-skelter by strong gusts of wind.”


How Ocean Acidification Came to Be Implicated in Coral Decline  by Victor Luo

“The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the largest coral reef system in the world, composed of over 2,900 individual reefs….”




Susan Carlisle

Louise Harrison Lepera

Cynthia Taft

Andrea S. Walsh



Neosha Narayanan



Jared Berezin

Karen Boiko

Susan Carlisle

Louise Harrison Lepera

Cynthia Taft

Andrea S. Walsh