Angles 2021: Table of Contents

The following essays, written by students in the introductory writing subjects at MIT, were selected for publication in Angles 2021 by an editorial board of lecturers. The ten works are categorized by theme and linked below. For more information on Angles see our About Angles page.  For an overview of this edition of Angles and an explanation of the thematic categories chosen for this edition, please see our Editors’ Note.

Pandemic Reflections

Drops  by Paige Dote

“The first day without in-person classes it rained.



A Portrait of the Artist as a Young College Student  (A Graphic Memoir)  by Rihn

“If you ventured into one of the dorms at MIT….”


Where I Come From

Halves  by Laura Schmidt-Hong

“Fractions were never my strong suit.


A Thousand Jasmine Blossoms  by Sadhana Lolla

“One of the only photographs I have of my grandmother hangs next to the carved wooden altar in our house.”


Ghost Town  by Kaleb Desta

“Ever since I could breathe on my own, I have always worn a cross.” 



Finding My Own Way

Comic Relief  by Anusha Puri

“If you know me, you know I’m not exactly what you would call dating material.”



A Cellular Symphony  by Laura Schmidt-Hong

When I tried coffee for the first time, my nose wrinkled in adamant distaste at the drink that my parents seemed to enjoy so much.”


Engaging with Contemporary Issues

“The Ballot or the Bullet”: Malcolm X’s Ultimatum for America  by Aishah Jones

On April 12, 1964, civil rights leader Malcolm X delivered a speech to an audience of about 2,000 at King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan

Plastics: Why are they here? Where are they going?  by Mario Ibrahim

“Plastics, when introduced into the environment as pollutants, not only scar the natural beauty of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems….”


Effective Documentary Making: Embracing Emotional Appeals and Central Narratives  by Jessica Pan

“To be effective, a scientific documentary must be both engaging and informative.”


Editorial Staff 2021



Karen Boiko

Susan Carlisle

Cynthia Taft

Andrea S. Walsh



Neosha Narayanan



Jared Berezin

Karen Boiko

Susan Carlisle

Louise Harrison Lepera

Cynthia Taft

Andrea S. Walsh