CMS 10th Anniversary


CMS 10th Anniversary

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Thursday, April 22
5:00pm | Bartos Theater

Communications Forum: Henry Jenkins’ Farewell Address
Moderated by William Uricchio


Friday, April 23

10:00am | E14-633

Introductory remarks by Dean Deborah Fitzgerald and CMS Director William Uricchio

Video and podcast of Dean Fitzgerald’s remarks

Video and podcast of William Uricchio’s remarks

10:15am | E14-633

Panel 1: “Applied Humanities: Transforming Humanities Education”

Video | Podcast

11:30am | E15-331

Break: Coffee in CMS HQ

11:45am | E14-633

Panel 2: “Creativity and Collaboration in the Digital Age”

Video | Podcast


Lunch Break

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2:30pm | E14-633

Panel 3: “Participatory Culture: The Culture of Democracy and Education in a Hypermediated Society”

Video | Podcast

4:00pm | E15-331

Break: Coffee in CMS HQ

4:15pm | E14-633

Panel 4: “International Media Flows: Global Media and Culture”

Video | Podcast

5:30p | E14-633

Closing Remarks

6:00pm | E15-331

Media exhibition featuring works by CMS alumni

7:00pm | E14-674


Saturday, April 24

10:00am | Meet in upstairs lobby of Liberty Hotel, next to Charles/MGH T Stop [Michael Cell: 617-642-1163]

CMS alum Michael Epstein will lead a group on a 90-minute trip to Beacon Hill to experience WALKING CINEMA: MURDER ON BEACON HILL, a mobile narrative project built by Michael for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Bring an iPhone or video iPod and headphones if you have them otherwise contact michael[at] to get a loaner. You can download the tour from or search for “Walking Cinema” on iTunes.

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Panel Descriptions

1: Applied Humanities: Transforming Humanities Education, moderated by William Uricchio

Panelists: Pete Donaldson, Kurt Fendt, Scot Osterweil, Rekha Murthy, Matthew Weise

Video | Podcast

  • Pete Donaldson is a Professor in the MIT Literature section, which he headed from 1990 until 2005.
  • Kurt Fendt is Research Director in Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Comparative Media Studies Graduate Program and directs the HyperStudio, a CMS research project.
  • Scot Osterweil leads several Education Arcade projects promoting learning in math, literacy, history, science and foreign language.
  • Rekha Murthy, CMS ’05, works at the intersection of public radio and digital media, currently overseeing distribution and content strategy initiatives for PRX, an online distributor of audio programs to public radio networks, stations, and audio platforms including mobile, internet, and satellite radio.
  • Matthew Weise, CMS ’04, is Lead Game Designer at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab.

2: Creativity and Collaboration in the Digital Age, moderated by Jim Paradis

Panelists: Beth Coleman, Philip Tan, Brett Camper, Ivan Askwith, Clara Fernández-Vara

Video | Podcast

  • Beth Coleman is Assistant Professor of Writing and New Media in the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies and Comparative Media Studies. Her fields of research interest include new media, contemporary aesthetics, electronic music, critical theory and literature, and race theory.
  • Philip Tan is a CMS grad who now directs the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, a partnership between MIT/CMS and the government of Singapore to explore new directions for the development of games as a medium.
  • Brett Camper is a 2005 graduate of the CMS master’s program, where he conducted research in part with The Education Arcade. He now works at Kickstarter, a website for social fundraising of creative ideas.
  • Ivan Askwith is a CMS grad working in New York City as Director of Strategy at Big Spaceship, a digital creative agency.
  • Clara Fernández-Vara is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab and a graduate of the CMS master’s program.

3: Participatory Culture: The Culture of Democracy and Education in a Hypermediated Society, moderated by Henry Jenkins

Panelists: Erin Reilly, Karen Schrier, Sangita Shresthova, Pilar Lacasa, and Mitch Resnick

Video | Podcast

  • Erin Reilly is Research Director for Project New Media Literacies, a past CMS project now housed at the University of Southern California.
  • Karen Schrier, a CMS grad, is the Director of Interactive Media and Technology at ESI Design and a part-time doctoral student at Columbia University in games and learning.
  • Sangita Shresthova is a Czech/Nepali international development specialist, filmmaker, media scholar, and dancer, who currently manages Henry Jenkins new project on participatory culture and civic engagement at USC.
  • Pilar Lacasa is a researcher at Alcalá University in Spain. She also works on a project for Electronic Arts in Spain about how to use commercial games in education.
  • Mitch Resnick is Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Laboratory. He develops new technologies that engage children in creative learning experiences and is a principal investigator with the MIT Center for Future Civic Media, a CMS-partnered project.

4: International Media Flows: Global Media and Culture, moderated by Ian Condry

Panelists: Aswin Punathambekar, Xiaochang Li, Ana Domb, Orit Kuritsky, Jing Wang

  • Aswin Punathambekar is an Assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He teaches and writes about media globalization, with a focus on South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.
  • Xiaochang Li lives in New York, where she consults as something of a media and branding mercenary, specializing in the intersection of globalization, digital media, and rampant delight.
  • Ana Domb recently graduated from CMS and is currently working on user experience research at The Meme, a design consultancy firm based out of Cambridge.
  • Orit Kuritsky–a scriptwriter, content editor, and creative director–is also a graduate of the CMS master’s program.
  • Jing Wang is a professor in Chinese Cultural Studies and the Director of New Media Action Lab. She is a CMS-affiliated faculty currently working on a project (NGO2.0) that brings together social media and nonprofit organizations in China.

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Commemorative Publication

CMS 10th Anniversary magazine cover

CMS 10th Anniversary magazine


Letter from Dean Deborah Fitzgerald; Letter from CMS Director William Uricchio; The Evolution of Comparative Media Studies


Convergence Culture Consortium; The Education Arcade; Center for Future Civic Media; Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab; HyperStudio; Project New Media Literacies


10 Years of Happenings; Communications Forum, Media in Transition, and the Origins of CMS; Media Spectacle: Remembering Chris Pomiecko


Alumni Testimonials; Faculty Testimonials; Visiting Scholars and Postdoctoral Researchers; Behind the Desks; And to Our Sponsors

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