Climate Nudges: Psychological Tools to Fix a Warming Planet

What if, during your next luxuriously long shower, a small device on the showerhead catches your eye? It counts gallons like a stopwatch. As the numbers grow, a cartoon polar bear despairingly watches the iceberg beneath him slowly melt. Small psychological nudges like this have profoundly shaped people’s choices in countless fields, from medicine to economics to policy. But can these tiny nudges help us take on the largest problems? Before the Goliath climate change, here stand the pioneers in psychology, economics and energy management, with a behavioral slingshot in hand.


Eben Bein

About Eben Bein

In twelfth grade, Eben’s high school studio arts teacher named him a “Renaissance man,” a title he strives to embody to this day. Eben labors, learns and revels in the miraculous interplay of science, writing, education, environmentalism and the arts. A science writer, high school biology teacher, frontman for two rock bands, grassroots environmental activist, once classically trained ballet dancer and poetry enthusiast, Eben seeks projects of all sorts that draw on and blend these diverse interests. Eben grew up in a cohousing community in Acton, MA, studied biology, French and dance at Dartmouth College and currently lives in Somerville, MA. Thesis: Climate Nudges: Psychological Tools to Fix a Warming Planet


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