CMS Creates “Reconstructions” Web Site

From the MIT News Office:

Students, faculty and staff from the Comparative Media Studies program, with contributions from friends and colleagues around the world, have created Reconstructions, a website devoted to reflections on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania tragedies and aftermath.

“We had been discussing the role of media theory during a time of crisis in my theory class and a student asked whether there was any way that they–individually or as a community–could make a difference in the current discussions of this tragedy,” said Professor Henry Jenkins, director of Comparative Media Studies (CMS). “Inspired by that question, I called a town meeting of any person from CMS who was interested in participating in some kind of project which might help promote rational discussion and mutual understanding during a time charged with enormous emotions and risks.”

The web site, created during marathon sessions over the weekend, may be accessed here.


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