CMS grad Huma Yusuf’s article points to resolution

Writing today after a two-month hiatus, I am moved to think about solutions rather than problems. Perhaps this burst of positivism can be attributed to the fact that the weather in Boston is finally pleasant, after a long, bitterly cold winter and a short, stifling heat wave. Perhaps the prospect of seeing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign together at the end of this week in a bid to unify a divided Democratic party is making me optimistic and foolhardy enough to think that under extenuating circumstances (like a tense presidential race) even enemies can find something in common. Perhaps seeing Pakistan splashed across international newspaper headlines in the past few weeks, rarely in a positive context, is making me feel desperate enough to think outside the box. Whatever the reason, I’m going to use the following paragraphs to suggest that Dr A Q Khan might help defuse mounting tensions between Pakistan and the US as well as Afghanistan.

Read the full text of CMS Grad Huma Yusuf’s article “Greater Transparency in Policymaking Remediation”.


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