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CMS.S60/CMS.S96 Rap Theory and Practice

Instructor: Lupe Fiasco

Units: 3-0-9
Lecture: TR12-1.30 (13-1143)

Lupe Fiasco sitting in a chair in front of a bright wall. He is wearing all-black and a silver necklace.

To gain a deeper understanding of rap, students engage in the full process of creating rap music, including composing lyrics, recording, performing and creating an EP length album. Existing rap music is studied, selected lyrics are analyzed and possible reasons for the structure and success of different songs are presented in case studies. Students will analyze rap songs, reflect on their own weekly activities in writing and present their work in class by playing recordings, performing and responding to each other in workshop discussions.

Brief notes: This is NOT a class about hip hop culture but specifically about rap as an artistic practice and about a practical engagement with all aspects involved in the creation of rap music and its underlying constraints. Students will need an iPad for the class, microphones and adapters will be provided.

Enrollment will be limited to 18-20 students.