CMS.S61 (undergrad) /CMS.S97 (grad)

CMS.S61 (undergrad)/CMS.S97 (grad)

Documentary Photography Short Course – A Way of Seeing
IAP 2021

BD Colen

Over the four weeks of this introduction to Documentary Photography, you will learn something of its history; you will be introduced to the work a number of its most distinguished practitioners – and will watch video documentaries about some of them; you will learn how see the world around you, and how to better capture what you see; and you will learn how to use single, and multiple, images to tell a reported story.  For these four weeks you will immerse yourselves in this form of photography, carrying a camera with you everywhere, and, most weeks you will complete three photographic assignments, all of which are intended to build toward, and improve the eventual quality of, your own documentary projects.

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