CMS.S62 Designing for Experiences

Fall 2019

Instructor: Yihyun Lim
Room: E15-335
6 units

Lecture R1-2
Lab R2-4

This project-based course provides students with user-centered design methodologies for designing experiences and novel interactions in tech-enriched environments. Students will learn how to follow a design process from primary and secondary research to concept generation and prototyping, by focusing on the creation of interactive, multi-sensory experiences. The course will provide basic tools to learn how to design for new forms of interactions aimed at generating meaningful user experience by means of short lectures and a hands-on project.

The lectures and workshop sessions will guide students through research methods developed at MIT Design Lab, one of CMS’s core extended research laboratories, highlighted by select case examples from lab’s research projects to illustrate the applications of such methods. Through lectures, hands-on workshops, and discussion sessions for critical reflection, students will be able to develop their capabilities as media designers.