CMS and the Singapore-MIT International Games Lab profiled about Game Design and Creation


CMS Director Henry Jenkins and Singapore-MIT International Game Lab Executive Director Philip Tan recently talked to Wired’s Chris Kohler about the Game Lab and the games industry.

Jenkins on creativity in the games industry:

“Studio-based production, across all media, has had two effects: ensuring a relatively high standard of production and capping opportunities for innovation and individual expression,” Jenkins says. “As the costs of games get pushed higher and higher, many wonder where fresh new ideas will come from.”

Jenkins and Tan about the industry’s reception of outside input from academia:

“The game industry isn’t particularly fond of reading research papers from academia,” but its leaders do pay attention to games, says Tan.


Jenkins says the university connection will foster greater innovation: “We see the lab as a space where we can move swiftly from pure research into compelling applications, and then partner with the games industry to bring the best ideas to market.”

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