Colloquium Examines Podcasting, Television’s Future

Chris Boebel

Chris Boebel

Podcasting may not be the newest technology on the block, but it continues to generate a powerful impact on both grassroots and large-scale content production and distribution. This impact was explored during “Re-Inventing Television: Podcasting and the Future of Media,” a colloquium held on Sept. 28. The speaker was Chris Boebel, MIT’s manager of multimedia development for Academic Media Production Services (AMPS). Here is the recording of of “Re-Inventing Television: Podcasting and the Future of Media”.

Boebel, a graduate of NYU’s film program, considers himself to be more of a “content producer than a technologist.” He explained that asynchronous delivery and low-production costs have created a media landscape in which almost anyone can produce podcast-quality material and distribute it easily to a wide range of subscribers.

Boebel then introduced ZigZag, MIT’s new video and audio podcasting service. Asking CMS graduate students to consider submitting video and audio to the site, he stressed the need for more student-generated content that represents the diverse voices of the MIT community.

A question and answer period struggled with the question of the future of television. It seems that ABC’s full-length show streams and software like Apple’s Front Row are rapidly changing the way we access visual media, but no one seems to be able to explain what that means for the future of the medium. Concerns centered on the abundance of information and how to navigate it, how structural changes will affect content, and the financial implications of those changes.

Amanda Finkelberg

About Amanda Finkelberg

Finkelberg is the Senior Director of Product for Hippo Education and is on a mission to make better medical education for every clinician. She holds two degrees in Media including an MS from CMSW focused on new technologies and future of education. Prior to her move to education design, Finkelberg ran a small LA-based visual effects and animation company which provided artwork for feature films and commercials and capped a long career in VFX at ILM, Sony and Digital Domain features. She has been teaching and developing curriculum at the college level for the last decade. Thesis: Space, Place, and Database: Layers of Digital Cartography


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