Costs and Financial Aid for the Comparative Media Studies Master’s Program

To cover tuition and fees, offer a modest stipend, and provide health insurance, we are almost always able to furnish students in the master’s program in Comparative Media Studies with research assistantships (through research group funding) or fellowships.

While we can’t guarantee financial support, our goal is always to provide funding to those graduate students who seek it.

For context on the amount your financial support would cover, full regular tuition per term for fall and spring of 2019-2020 is $26,725. Tuition in either fall or spring terms also covers subjects offered for academic credit during the January independent activities period (IAP). (Tuition is established each spring by the MIT Registrar’s Office.)  It does not cover subjects taken over the summer.

To be considered for this funding, you will fill out a Financial Support Form as part of your application and indicate which of our research groups you would be most interested in working with.

International students are required also to submit a Financial Certification Form showing proof of funds at a level determined by the International Students Office in order to acquire a visa.

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