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Education Concentration

Concentration in Education

Advisor: Justin Reich (jreich@mit.edu)
Academic Administrator: Danna Solomon (dsolomon@mit.edu)

The Education Concentration introduces students to issues of teaching and learning in schools, universities, and informal learning settings.

The two course Introduction to Education sequence provides a survey of issues in K-12 schooling related to history, policy, instruction, and assessment. Students in these courses get to spend 25 hours per semester observing and working in local schools. Other courses in the concentration investigate education technology, games, informal learning, instructional design, and human psychology. Education concentrators may also choose to complete the Scheller Teacher Education Program in order to earn their teaching license.

Students who complete the concentration will have a better understanding of both instructional practice and schools and other learning environments as systems. Concentrators go on to careers in teaching, education research, and education technology, but they also bring a deeper understanding of teaching, learning, apprenticeship and mentorship to any field: human development is central to success and progress in all of society’s endeavors.

The HASS Concentration in Education consists of three subjects:

CMS.586J Introduction to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education


CMS.587J Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating Education

and one or two additional subjects chosen from the following:

CMS.524/STS.024 Thinking on Your Feet: Dance as a Learning Science
CMS.590J Design and Development for Games and Learning
CMS.591J Education Theory and Practice I
CMS.592J Education Theory and Practice II
CMS.593J Education Theory and Practice III
CMS.594 Education Technology Studio
CMS.595 Learning, Media, and Technology
STS.014 Embodied Education: Past, Present, Future
21A.150 Teaching and Learning: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
9.00 Introduction to Psychological Science
CMS.S61 cs.forward(): Trace the Past to Plot the Future (Fall 2023)
CMS.S61 STEAM Learning Architecture (Spring 2024)