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Professional Education

“Superb, excellent. To state it briefly — I did not want to go back home at the end of the course.”

“This is the place where I learned as part of a career change. It’s really good. I’m planning to come again.”

“Definitely would recommend, with the highest rating, this program to a colleague or friend.”

–Past CMS/W Professional Education participants


CMS/W occasionally offers five-day short courses through MIT Professional Education.

These industry-focused courses are taught by our faculty and researchers and are designed to be hands-on, for application in your job or company right away. Individuals and groups alike are encouraged to register.

Importantly, we create new short courses based on demand: if there are skills you or your company need, please contact us. Our proficiencies include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Writing for the sciences
  • Data vizualization
  • Game design
  • Qualitative/audience research
  • Online community-building
  • Participatory and collaborative design practices
  • Human/environment interaction
  • Storytelling through video