CMS Subjects: Current Schedule and Full List

Fall 2021 Schedule: CMS

For a complete list of CMS subjects, including electives from other departments, see: CMS Full Subject List

Subject and Title Instructor Schedule Location
CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies (L01) J. Reich TR9:30-110 4-257
CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies (L02) I. Condry R12-3 16-654
CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies (L03) L. Partain TR2-3:30 4-145
CMS.300 Introduction to Videogame Methods M. Jakobsson

S. Verrilli

TR 11-12:30 E25-117
CMS.307 Critical Worldbuilding J. Diaz Lecture: W1-4

Lab: R7-10



CMS.311 Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany W. Uricchio TR2:30-4 E15-335
CMS.338 Innovation in Documentary: Technologies and Techniques W. Uricchio TR12-1:30 E15-335
CMS 354 Japanese Literature & Cinema P. Roquet TR2-3:30 4-249
CMS.361/861 Networked Social Movements L. Partain W1-4 8-119
CMS.374J Transmedia Art, Extraction, and Environmental Justice J. Paradis

M. Jahn

Lecture: M10-1

Lab: W9-12



CMS.405 Visual Design K. Fendt MW11-12:30 4-144
CMS.586 Intro to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education E. Klopfer Lecture: TR2:30-4

Lab: TBA



CMS.591[J] Educational Theory and Practice I G. Schwanbeck TR4-5:30 56-154
CMS.594 Education Technology Studio J. Reich T11:30-2:30 34-304
CMS.608 Game Design Game Lab MW1-4 E15-335
CMS.616 Games and Culture T.L. Taylor W7-10 56-180
CMS.617 Advanced Game Studio Game Lab TR11-12:30 4-253/251
CMS.618J Interactive Narrative N. Montfort W2-5 14N-325
CMS.619[J] Gender and Media Studies K. Surkan T7-10 4-257
CMS.635 Designing Active Archives K. Fendt MW3:30-5 1-277
CMS.701/901 Current Debates in Media L. Partain MW1-2:30 56-167
CMS.S61/S97 Special Subject: Making VR Learning Experiences (meets with 2.S972) K. Zolot F2-5 3-370

CMS.801 Media in Transition H. Hendershot T2-5 24-112
CMS.990 Colloquium in Comparative Media Staff R5-7 E15-318

4.341/4.342 Introduction to Photography and Related Media L. Baladi TR9:30-12:30 E15-054
4.354/4.355 Introduction to Video and Related Media N. Sinnokrot TR2-5 E15-001
21A.500/STS.075 Technology & Culture S. Helmreich W3-5 66-168
21G.038 China in the News: Untold Stories J. Wang MW3:30-5 14N-313
21L.011 Introduction to Film Studies A. Svensson Lec: T3:3-5

Lab: M7-10

Rec: R3 or R4




21L.433 Film Styles and Genres A. Svensson TR11-12:30 56-191
21L.435 Literature and Film A. Fleche MW3:30-5 56-191
21L.706/CMS.830 Studies in Film E. Brinkema MW11-12:30 4-257
21L.707 Problems in Cultural Interpretation W. Denecke MW1-2:30 56-162

Full Subject List

Subject Number (Undergraduate) Subject Number (Graduate) Subject Name HASS, CI-H/M

Course CMS – Comparative Media Studies

CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies HASS-H, CI-H
CMS.300 CMS.841 Intro to Videogame Studies HASS-H
CMS.301 Introduction to Game Design Methods HASS-A
CMS.307 CMS.807 Critical Worldbuilding HASS-A
CMS.308 CMS.808 The Visual Story: Graphic Novel, Type to Tablet HASS-E
CMS.309/ 21W.763 CMS.809 Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Sci-Fi HASS-A
CMS.311/21F.055 Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany HASS-H
CMS.313 CMS.813 Silent Film HASS-H
CMS.314/ 21W.753 CMS.814 Phantasmal Media: Theory and Practice HASS-A
CMS.333/ ES.333 Production of Educational Videos: Skills for Communicating Academic and Professional Content HASS-E
CMS.334/ 21W.788 South Asian America: Transnational Media, Culture, and History HASS-H
CMS.335/21W.790 21W.890 Short Attention Span Documentary HASS-A
CMS.336/ 21W.786 CMS.836 The Social Documentary HASS-A
CMS.338 CMS.838 Innovation in Documentary: Technologies and Techniques HASS-A
CMS.339 CMS.839 Virtual Reality and Immersive Media Production HASS-A
CMS.350/ 21W.737 CMS.850 Topics and Methods in 21st-Century Journalism HASS-E
CMS.360 CMS.860 Intro to Civic Media HASS-H
CMS.361 CMS.861 Networked Social Movements: Media and Mobilization HASS-S
CMS.362 CMS.862 Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio HASS-S
CMS.376 CMS.876 History of Media and Technology HASS-H, CI-H
CMS.400 Media Systems and Texts HASS-H, CI-M
CMS.405 Visual Design HASS-H, CI-M
CMS.407 Sound Studies HASS-H, CI-M
CMS.586/11.124 Introduction to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education HASS-S
CMS.587/11.125 Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating Education HASS-S
11.127J / CMS.590J 11.252J / CMS.863J Design and Development of Games for Learning HASS-H
CMS.591/11.129 Educational Theory and Practice I
CMS.592/11.130 Educational Theory and Practice II
CMS.593/11.131 Educational Theory and Practice III HASS-S
CMS.594 CMS.894 Education Technology Studio HASS-S
CMS.595 CMS.895 Learning, Media, and Technology HASS-S
CMS.603 CMS.995 Independent Study
CMS.605 CMS.606 Media Internship
CMS.608 CMS.864 Game Design HASS-A
CMS.609J /21W.764J CMS.846 The Word Made Digital HASS-A
CMS.610 CMS.922 Media Industries and Systems: The Art, Science and Business of Games HASS-S
CMS.611/6.073 Creating Videogames HASS-A
CMS.614/ 21W.791 CMS.867 Network Cultures HASS-H
CMS.615 CMS.815 Games for Social Change HASS-H
CMS.616/21W.768 CMS.868 Games and Culture HASS-S
CMS.617 Advanced Games Studio HASS-A
CMS.618/21W.765 CMS.845 Interactive Narrative HASS-A
CMS.619/ WGS.111 Gender and Media Studies HASS-H
CMS.627 CMS.827 Imagination, Computation and Expression Studio HASS-A
CMS.628 CMS.828 Advanced Identity Representation HASS-A
CMS.631 CMS.831 Data Storytelling Studio HASS-A
CMS.633 CMS.833 Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies HASS-H
CMS.634 CMS.834 Designing Interactions: Media and Mobile Technologies HASS-E
CMS.635 CMS.835 Designing Active Archives HASS-H
CMS.636 CMS.855 Extending the Museum HASS-H
CMS.701 CMS.901 Current Debates in Media HASS-H, CI-M
CMS.842 Playful and Social Interaction Design Exploration
CMS.844 Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities
CMS.848 Apocalyptic Storytelling
CMS.S60 CMS.S96 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.S61 CMS.S97 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.S62 CMS.S98 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.S63 CMS.S99 Special Subject: CMS
CMS.THT Comparative Media Studies Pre-Thesis Tutorial
CMS.THU Undergraduate Thesis in Comparative Media Studies
CMS.URG / CMS.UR Research in Comparative Media Studies (UROP)

Course 4 – Architecture

4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media HASS-A
4.352 4.353 Advanced Video and Related Media HASS-A
4.354 4.355 Introduction to Video and Related Media HASS-A
4.373 4.374 Advanced Projects in Visual Arts HASS-A
4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture HASS-A, CI-H

Course 21A – Anthropology

21A.500J / STS.075J Technology and Culture HASS-S
21A.502 Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural Perspectives HASS-S
21A.503/ 24.913/ STS.070 Language and Technology HASS-S
21A.505 / STS.065 The Anthropology of Sound HASS-S
21A.508 Anthropology Through Speculative Fiction HASS-S
21A.550/ STS.064 DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media HASS-S

Course 21G – Global Studies and Languages

21G.011 Topics in Indian Popular Culture HASS-H, CI-H
21G.030/ WGS.236 Introduction to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-Pop HASS-H
21G.036 / CMS.356 CMS.888 Advertising and Media: Comparative Perspectives HASS-H
21G.038 CMS.888 China in the News: The Untold Stories HASS-H
21G.039/ 21A.143 Gender and Japanese Popular Culture HASS-H
21G.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema HASS-H, CI-H
21G.052 French Film Classics HASS-H
21G.063 Anime: Transnational Media and Culture HASS-H
21G.065/ 21A.142 Japanese Literature and Cinema HASS-H, CI-H

Course 21H – History

21H.214 War and American Society HASS-H
21H.315 American Consumer Culture HASS-H

Course 21L – Literature

21L.011 The Film Experience HASS-A, CI-H
21L.012 Forms of Western Narrative HASS-H, CI-H
21L.021 Comedy HASS-H, CI-H
21L.430 SP.492, CMS.920 Popular Culture and Narrative HASS-H
21L.432 CMS.915 Understanding Television HASS-H
21L.433 Film Styles and Genres HASS-H
21L.434 Science Fiction and Fantasy HASS-H
21L.435 CMS.840 Literature and Film HASS-H
21L.486 Modern Drama HASS-H
21L.706 CMS.830 Studies in Film HASS-H, CI-M
21L.707 Problems in Cultural Interpretation HASS-H
21L.715 CMS.871 Media in Cultural Context HASS-H

Course 21M – Music and Theater Arts

21M.283 The Musical HASS-A
21M.284 CMS.925 Film Music HASS-A
21M.624 Acting with the Camera HASS-A
21M.840 21M.841 Performance Media HASS-A
21M.846 21M.847 Topics in Performance Studies HASS-A

Course 21W – Writing

21W.744 The Art of Comic Book Writing HASS-A
21W.749 CMS.935 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images in a World of Motion HASS-A
21W.752 21W.824 Making Documentary: Audio, Video and More HASS-A
21W.787 CMS.837 Film, Music, and Social Change: Intersections of Media and Society HASS-H
21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology HASS-H, CI-H

Course MAS – Media Arts and Sciences

MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design HASS-A, CI-H

Course STS – Science, Technology, and Society

STS.008 Technology and Experience HASS-S, CI-H
STS.056 Science on Screen HASS-A
STS.085, 6.805 STS.487 Foundations of Information Policy HASS-S

Graduate Requirements

CMS.790 Media Theories and Methods I
CMS.791 Media Theories and Methods II
CMS.796 Major Media Texts
CMS.801 Media in Transition
CMS.950 Workshop I
CMS.951 Workshop II
CMS.990 Colloquium in Comparative Media