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CMS Subjects: Current Schedule and Full List

Fall 2024 CMS Subjects

Subject and TitleInstructorScheduleLocation
CMS.100 L01 Introduction to Media Studies
C. Lee
CMS.100 L02 Introduction to Media Studies
E. Schiappa
CMS.100 L03 Introduction to Media StudiesO. PadillaTR1-2:305-231
CMS.300 Introduction to Game StudiesM. JakobssonTR11-12:30E15-335
CMS.303/803 DJ History, Technique & TechnologyP. TanMW11-12:30 E15-318
CMS.335/21W.790 Short Attention Span DocumentaryV. BaldTR1-2:305-232
CMS.340 Immersive Media StudiesP. RoquetF2-54-253
CMS.342/2.177 Designing Virtual WorldsK. ZolotF1:30-4:303-370
CMS.343/2.984 The Art & Science of Time TravelC. LloydW2:30-5:301-134
CMS.375 Reading Climate Through Media K. TarkerR7-102-103
CMS.376 History of Media & TechnologyM. BattlesR7-101-273
CMS.405 Visual DesignO. PadillaTR3-4:301-273
CMS.406/21A.505/STS.065 The Anthropology of SoundI. CondryW1-4E25-117
CMS.524/STS.024 Thinking on Your FeetJ. LightTR11-12:301-134
CMS.586 Intro to EducationM. HughesTR2:30-45-134
CMS.591 Educational Theory & Practice IG. SchwanbeckTR4-5:305-134
CMS.594 Education Technology StudioGR MarvezTR1-2:30E15-335
CMS.611 Creating Video GamesGame Lab StaffTR2-556-154
CMS.616 Games & CultureT.L. TaylorW7-1056-180
CMS.619/WGS.111 Gender & Media StudiesH. ArainTR11-12:3066-160
CMS.621 Fans & Fan CulturesE. SchiappaMW2:30-413-1143
CMS.701 Current Debates in MediaI. CondryM1-435-310

Fall 2024 Electives

Subject and TitleInstructorScheduleLocation
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related MediaL1 H. MembrenoCanales

L2 H. Membreno-Canales


4.374 Advanced Projects in Art, Culture, & TechnologyStaffTR9:30-12:30E15-207
4.602 Modern Art & Mass CultureC. JonesMW9:30-113-133
21A.500/STS.075 Technology and CultureM. ThompsonT7-9E25-117
21A.503 The Human Past: Intro to ArcheologyF. RossiTR34-231
21H.315 American Consumer CultureC. HoranW11-1E51-390
21L.011 The Film ExperienceJ. RuffinT3:30-5
21L.012 Forms of Western NarrativeJ. RuffinMW1-2:304-257
21L.021 ComedyB. MangrumMW9:30-114-253
21L.433 Film Styles & GenresC. DoyleMW11-12:304-144
21L.434 Science Fiction & FantastyB. MangrumMW1-2;3066-154
21L.706/CMS.830 Studies in FilmE. BrinkemaW10-156-169
21M.284 Film MusicM. MarksMW2-3:304-158
21W.752 Making Documentary: Audio, Video, and MoreT. LevensonTR1-2:302-103

Full Subject List

Course CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
CMS.100 Introduction to Media StudiesHASS-H, CI-H
CMS.300CMS.841Game StudiesHASS-H
CMS.301 Game Design MethodsHASS-A
CMS.306CMS.806Making Comics & Sequential ArtHASS-A
CMS.307CMS.807Critical WorldbuildingHASS-A
CMS.308CMS.808The Visual Story: Graphic Novel, Type to TabletHASS-E
CMS.309/ 21W.763CMS.809Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Sci-FiHASS-A
CMS.311/21F.055 Media in Weimar and Nazi GermanyHASS-H
CMS.313CMS.813Silent FilmHASS-H
CMS.314/ 21W.753CMS.814Phantasmal Media: Theory and PracticeHASS-A
CMS.333/ ES.333 Production of Educational Videos: Skills for Communicating Academic and Professional ContentHASS-E
CMS.334/ 21W.788 South Asian America: Transnational Media, Culture, and HistoryHASS-H
CMS.335/21W.79021W.890Short Attention Span DocumentaryHASS-A
CMS.336/ 21W.786CMS.836The Social DocumentaryHASS-A
CMS.338CMS.838Innovation in Documentary: Technologies and TechniquesHASS-A
CMS.339CMS.839Virtual Reality and Immersive Media ProductionHASS-A
CMS.340CMS.865Immersive Media Studies
CMS.351/21G.06721G.567Digital Media in Japan & KoreaHASS-H
CMS.354/21G.06521G.593Intro to Japanese Literature & CinemaCI-H
CMS.360CMS.860Intro to Civic MediaHASS-H
CMS.361CMS.861Networked Social Movements: Media and MobilizationHASS-S
CMS.362CMS.862Civic Media Collaborative Design StudioHASS-S
CMS.376CMS.876History of Media and TechnologyHASS-H, CI-H
CMS.400 Media Systems and TextsHASS-H, CI-M
CMS.405 Visual DesignHASS-H, CI-M
CMS.407 Sound StudiesHASS-H, CI-M
CMS.586/11.124 Introduction to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on EducationHASS-S
CMS.587/11.125 Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating EducationHASS-S
CMS.590/11.12711.252J / CMS.863JDesign and Development of Games for LearningHASS-H
CMS.591/11.129 Educational Theory and Practice IHASS-S
CMS.592/11.130 Educational Theory and Practice II 
CMS.593/11.131 Educational Theory and Practice IIIHASS-S
CMS.594CMS.894Education Technology StudioHASS-S
CMS.595CMS.895Learning, Media, and TechnologyHASS-S
CMS.603CMS.995Independent Study 
CMS.605CMS.606Media InternshipHASS-A
CMS.609J /21W.764JCMS.846The Word Made DigitalHASS-A
CMS.611/6.073 Creating VideogamesHASS-A
CMS.614/ 21W.791CMS.867Critical Internet StudiesHASS-H
CMS.615CMS.815Games for Social ChangeHASS-H
CMS.616/21W.768CMS.868Games and CultureHASS-A
CMS.618/21W.765CMS.845Interactive NarrativeHASS-A
CMS.619/ WGS.111 Gender and Media StudiesHASS-H
CMS.627CMS.827Imagination, Computation and Expression StudioHASS-A
CMS.628CMS.828Advanced Identity RepresentationHASS-A
CMS.631CMS.831Data Storytelling StudioHASS-A
CMS.633CMS.833Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and TechnologiesHASS-H
CMS.636CMS.855Extending the MuseumHASS-H
CMS.701CMS.901Current Debates in MediaHASS-H, CI-M
CMS.702CMS.802Qualitative Research Methods
CMS.844Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities 
 CMS.848Apocalyptic Storytelling 
CMS.S60CMS.S96Special Subject: CMS 
CMS.S61CMS.S97Special Subject: CMS 
CMS.S62CMS.S98Special Subject: CMS 
CMS.S63CMS.S99Special Subject: CMS 
CMS.THT Comparative Media Studies Pre-Thesis Tutorial 
CMS.THU Undergraduate Thesis in Comparative Media Studies 
CMS.URG / CMS.UR Research in Comparative Media Studies (UROP) 

Course 4 – Architecture

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media HASS-A
4.352 Advanced Video and Related MediaHASS-A
4.354 Introduction to Video and Related MediaHASS-A
4.374 Advanced Projects in Visual ArtsHASS-A
4.602 Modern Art and Mass CultureHASS-A, CI-H

Course 21A – Anthropology

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21A.500J / STS.075J Technology and CultureHASS-S
21A.502 Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural PerspectivesHASS-S
21A.503/ 24.913/ STS.070 Language and TechnologyHASS-S
21A.505 / STS.065 The Anthropology of SoundHASS-S
21A.508 Anthropology Through Speculative FictionHASS-S
21A.550/ STS.064 DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New MediaHASS-S

Course 21G – Global Studies and Languages

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21G.011 Topics in Indian Popular CultureHASS-H, CI-H
21G.030/ WGS.236 Introduction to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-PopHASS-H
21G.036 / CMS.356CMS.888Advertising and Media: Comparative PerspectivesHASS-H
21G.038CMS.888China in the News: The Untold StoriesHASS-H
21G.039/ 21A.143 Gender and Japanese Popular CultureHASS-H
21G.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and CinemaHASS-H, CI-H
21G.052 French Film ClassicsHASS-H
21G.063 Anime: Transnational Media and CultureHASS-H

Course 21H – History

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21H.214 War and American SocietyHASS-H
21H.315 American Consumer CultureHASS-H

Course 21L – Literature

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21L.011 The Film ExperienceHASS-A, CI-H
21L.012 Forms of Western NarrativeHASS-H, CI-H
21L.021 ComedyHASS-H, CI-H
21L.430SP.492, CMS.920Popular Culture and NarrativeHASS-H
21L.432CMS.915Understanding TelevisionHASS-H
21L.433 Film Styles and GenresHASS-H
21L.434 Science Fiction and FantasyHASS-H
21L.435CMS.840Literature and FilmHASS-H
21L.486 Modern DramaHASS-H
21L.706CMS.830Studies in FilmHASS-H, CI-M
21L.707 Problems in Cultural InterpretationHASS-H
21L.715CMS.871Media in Cultural ContextHASS-H

Course 21M – Music and Theater Arts

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21M.283 The MusicalHASS-A
21M.284CMS.925Film MusicHASS-A
21M.624 Acting with the CameraHASS-A
21M.84021M.841Performance MediaHASS-A
21M.84621M.847Topics in Performance StudiesHASS-A

Course 21W – Writing

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
21W.733Debating about Society and Engineering
21W.744 The Art of Comic Book WritingHASS-A
21W.75221W.824Making Documentary: Audio, Video and MoreHASS-A
21W.787CMS.837Film, Music, and Social Change: Intersections of Media and SocietyHASS-H

Course MAS – Media Arts and Sciences

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media DesignHASS-A, CI-H

Course STS – Science, Technology, and Society

Subject Number (Undergraduate)Subject Number (Graduate)Subject NameHASS, CI-H/M
STS.008 Technology and ExperienceHASS-S, CI-H
STS.056 Science on ScreenHASS-A
STS.085, 6.805STS.487Foundations of Information PolicyHASS-S