Writing Subjects

Spring 2022 Schedule: Writing
For a complete list of Writing subjects, see: http://student.mit.edu/catalog/m21Wa.html

First-Year Writing

Subject and Title Sec Instructor Schedule Location
21W.011 (CI-HW) Writing & Rhetoric: Rhetoric & Contemporary Issues A. Walsh TR7-8:30 8-119
21W.015 Writing About Sports A. Karatsolis TR11-12:30 E17-136
21W.022 (CI-HW) Writing and Experience: Reading and Writing Autobiography 1 S. Carlisle MW3-430 56-162
2 L. Harrison Lepera MW11-12:30 56-191
3 A. Walsh TR3-4:30 8-199
21W.031 (CI-HW) Explorations in Communicating about Science and Technology J. Melvold TR12:30-2 56-180
21W.036 (CI-HW) Writing & the Environment C. Taft TR3-4:30 56-162

English Language Studies

Subject and Title Sec Instructor Schedule Location
21W.219 Foundations of Academic and Professional Writing  (G) I. Maksymjuk MW5-6:30 4-249
21W.222 Expository Writing for Bilingual Students O. Szabó TR3:30-5 1-135
21W.224 Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation (G) O. Szabó MW5-6:30 1-135
21W.225/226 Advanced Workshop for Writing in Science and Engineering (21G.225/226) E. Grunwald TR9:30-11 14N-225
21W.227/228 Advance Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences & Architecture 1


AC Kemp

AC Kemp





21W.232/233 Advanced Critical Speaking & Listening Skills I. Maksymjuk MW3:30-5 4-249
21W.237 MIT Out Loud: Public Speaking for Bilingual Students AC Kemp TR3-4:30 1-375
21W.240 Imagining English: Creative Writing for Bilingual Students E. Grunwald TR1-2:30 16-645

All Other Writing Subjects

Subject and Title Sec Instructor Schedule Location
21W.735 Writing & Reading the Essay B. Williams TR10:30-12 5-231
21W.741 Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies M. Degraff

F. Harrell

D. Wood

T2-5 36-155
21W.747 Rhetoric S. Lane TR3-430 E17-136
21W.755 Writing and Reading Short Stories S. Lewitt

J. Barkan





21W.762 Poetry Workshop 1 E. Barrett M7-10 4-149
21W.762 Poetry Workshop 2 E. Barrett T7-10 4-149
21W.771 Advanced Poetry Workshop E. Funkhouser M2-5 4-2-103
21W.733 Writing Longer Fiction H. Lee TR1-2:30 4-144
21W.774 Playwriting Methods K. Urban W2-5 4-251
21W.777 Science Writing in Contemporary Society K. Weintraub MW7-8:30 14N-112
21W.824 Making Documentary S. Ascher TR10:30-12:30 14N-112
21W.826 Advanced Science Writing Seminar II Staff MW10-11:30 14N-112
21W.THG Science Writing Graduate Thesis S. Mnookin F10-12 14N-112