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Subject and TitleInstructorScheduleLocationSample Syllabus
21W.219/220[J] Foundations of Academic and Professional WritingI. Makysmjuk; O. SzaboMW 5:30-7 or TR11:30-14-249 or 14N-221PDF
21W.222[J] Expository Writing for Bilingual StudentsO. Szabo, AC Kemp, E. GrunwaldTR2-3.30 or TR3:30-54-249 or 1-135/1-273 PDF
21W.223/224[J] Listening, Speaking, and PronunciationAC KempTR1-2:301-135PDF
21W.225/226[J] Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and EngineeringE. GrunwaldTR12-1.304-253PDF
21W.227[J] Advanced Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences and Architecture AC Kemp(Spring term)PDF
21W.232[J] Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening SkillsI. MaksymjukMW3:30-58-119PDF
21W.237[J] MIT Out Loud: Public Speaking for Bilingual StudentsAC Kemp(Spring term)PDF
21W.240[J] Imagining English: Creative Writing for Bilingual StudentsE. Grunwald(Spring term)PDF