English Language Studies

The English Language Studies (ELS) curriculum is designed for non-native English speakers to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional contexts and facilitate their studies at MIT and their work beyond. Any bilingual/ESL undergraduate or graduate student earning a degree at MIT can register for an ELS subject.

The ELS program is a regular academic program and is open only to matriculated MIT students. Our grade- and credit-bearing classes meet according to the MIT academic calendar and involve homework and exams.


As part of the HASS Requirement, all undergraduates must complete a HASS Concentration of three or four subjects, depending on the program and level of entry.  An undergraduate concentration consists of any three subjects in English Language Studies or related fields. The Concentration Advisor for ELS is Eric Grunwald.

To see the dates and times of this semester’s ELS offerings, see the MIT subject catalog.

English Evaluation Test

The English Evaluation Test (EET) occurrs prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Semester and is a requirement for all incoming international Graduate Students.

  1. International students who started in fall 2020 but missed one or both parts of the EET in summer 2020 are asked to take the EET before the next fall semester starts, (tentatively) in August 2021.
  2. International students who are just starting their graduate programs in spring 2021 are asked to take the EET before the next fall semester starts, in August 2021.

The EET will be offered remotely.  Details can be found here: https://canvas.mit.edu/courses/11707.

  • Written work will be submitted on Canvas site, which students will be added to (writing time frame is Aug 26-29)
  • Interviews will also be scheduled via Canvas (interview time frame is Aug 30-Sept 1)