The Dancer in Nature

A rich body of science has grown up around the art of dance. It includes study of a dancer’s relationship to Newtonian physics, dance medicine, the role of the spine in balance, and the emerging study of the neuroscience of dance. The thesis integrates personal narrative and descriptions of dance performances with scientific discussion of the art form. Greater scientific understanding of the art of dance is needed in order to improve teaching practices and decrease injuries to dancers.


About Erica Naone

Erica Naone is senior technical writer for Unit 42, the cybersecurity research arm of Palo Alto Networks, which focuses on threat intelligence and cybersecurity incident response. She assists threat researchers and security consultants with communicating about their work to a variety of audiences, including the threat intelligence community, organizations seeking to protect themselves from cyberattacks, and the general public. She previously worked in development and alumni relations at Virginia Commonwealth University and as IT Editor for MIT Technology Review. She has freelanced for publications including Astronomy, Discover, and Atlas Obscura. Thesis: The Dancer in Nature


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