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2023 Thesis Day for the Graduate Program in Science Writing

Friday, May 19 @ 10:00 am

Presentations begin at 10am.


Allison Guy, Ecosystem Reboot
How scientists are building an inside-out Noah’s Ark for Florida’s vanished coral reefs.

Phie Jacobs, Abortion Beyond the Binary
Transgender people have historically been left out of reproductive health research. Now, two researchers are bringing their experiences to light.

Abdullahi Tsanni Nuhu, The Consumer of Humans
Tuberculosis rages till this day and scientists’ best efforts alone can’t win the war.


Daelin Brown, The Churches of Hoffman Triangle
What can be done to ensure another hurricane the size of Katrina will not destroy the entire city?

Vishva Nalamalpu, The Sleepless Forest Observers 
Ecologists are using remote observation to advance their understanding of environments. Are they losing something in the process?

Elizabeth Gamillo, Tuning in to our Planet
Scientists are collecting and archiving soundscapes before they disappear

William VonHerff, Under their Own Laws


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