Prof. Fox Harrell discusses virtual self-identities with WGBH’s Innovation Hub

Fox Harrell

Fox Harrell

From host Kara Miller’s segment on “How Social Media Is Defining Us” (starting around the 2-minute mark)…

Social media is altering the way we communicate, purchase products — even how we define ourselves.

This week, we look at how social media is changing us — and the world we live in.

How are people choosing to define themselves online? What do they want others to know about them? And what do they want to keep secret?

Then, we look at how Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and a host of new platforms are forcing companies to change how they view customers. Gone are the days when TV advertisements ran the show. Now restaurants want you to recommend them to your friends. Pop icons like Madonna want to be liked on Facebook more than they want to be on talk shows.

Social media is changing the landscape and putting YOU at the center.


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