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“Hacking Explained”: A video project from ES.333 Production of Educational Videos

Computer security is about understanding -- while making us safer

Ever wondered how hackers hack? Find out in this class project video, “Hacking Explained”.

Each spring, CMS/W helps host ES.333 Production of Educational Videos: Skills for Communicating Academic and Professional Content, which teaches students the fundamentals of video production, with a primary focus on educational content targeted for specific populations. The intention of the subject is to give students agency over the skills needed to create compelling video content that can serve them broadly throughout their academic careers. At the end of the semester, students screen their videos, and this year we wanted to share one of them, by first-year student Shreyas Kapur, and titled “Hacking Explained”.

Dave Custer
Written by
Dave Custer

Dave Custer has been teaching hands-on, interdisciplinary subjects for MITs Experimental Study Group and Writing Program for 30 years. His research is the testing and evaluation of equipment used in rock climbing and mountaineering.

Dave Custer Written by Dave Custer