Angles: MIT’s best Introductory Writing work featured in new issue

All of the works published in Angles since its first edition in 2008 were written by students in the introductory writing courses at MIT. These courses, designated as CI-HW (Communications-Intensive Humanities Writing) subjects, bring together students who love to write, students who struggle with writing, students who thrive in seminar-style classes, and students who just want a chance to develop their English skills. These students prosper together and produce some remarkable work. Angles has provided them with a public outlet for that work. It also provides the CI-HW instructors with material that inspires and guides their current students.

Read a sample of what our students have been writing…

Faaya Fulas retraces the doubts and hopes that led her to leave medical school in Ethiopia and to pursue her dream of a career in engineering.

“Our Guts, Our Bodies, Ourselves”
Dalia Walzer conducts an inquiry into some surprising features of our inner life.

David Christoff recalls the heroic fantasies of a young sports fan, fantasies bound up in the Reunion Arena, demolished by the city of Dallas in 2009.

“Curtain Call”
Sebasthian Santiago tells us how he came to MIT looking for freedom.

Read the full issue:


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