“Stepping Up to the Mic”: Le Tigre Strategizes Third Wave Feminist Activism Through Music and Performance

Le Tigre in the early 2000's.

Le Tigre in the early 2000’s.

An analysis of the political music band Le Tigre, this thesis explores the strategies for Third Wave feministic activism that Le Tigre creates and pursues through music and performance. By way of a humanistic approach, which includes theories rooted in performance and cultural studies, as well as qualitative fan research conductive both face-to-face and online, this thesis demonstrates how Le Tigre sends messages of Third Wave feminist principles to their audience, ultimately encouraging their listeners to treat themselves and each other as equals.

After discussing the artistic and political background of each of Le Tigre’s members, the thesis explores three aspects of Le Tigre’s activism—music, live performance, and interactions with fans.



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