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Information for MIT Students

Ironman with MIT admissions tube - The Border Line - Photo by Elise Chen
Ironman with MIT Admissions tubePart of the Border Line Mural Project — Photo by Elise Chen

Subjects and Registration Procedures

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Writing and Language Resources

Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication

Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication at MIT represents the core educational resource of the Institute’s Communication Requirement. WRAP collaborates on teaching written and oral communication in all Institute departments, and works with about 100 subjects and 3,700 MIT students per year.

Writing and Communication Center

The Writing and Communication Center offers several services to all members of the MIT community. They can get free individual consultation about any writing difficulty, from questions about grammar to matters of style, including difficulties common to writers, such as overcoming writer’s block, organizing papers, taking essay exams, revising one’s work, or presenting scientific information.

English Language Studies

The English Language Studies (ELS) curriculum is designed for non-native English speakers to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional contexts and facilitate their studies at MIT and their work beyond. Any bilingual/ESL undergraduate or graduate student earning a degree at MIT can register for an ELS subject.

Personal Support and Wellness

MIT offers a variety of support for students — for stress, health, family, and much more. It never hurts to ask for help, and many resources are available 24 hours a day.