This site is an archive of the international conference on "Television in Transition," held at MIT, May 2-4, 2003.

The third Media in Transition conference examined television's political and cultural role at the dawn of the 21st century. Here, John Dimling (left), chairman of Nielsen Media Research, former FCC Chairman Charles Ferris and Toby Miller of NYU discuss the future of television.

Abstracts and Papers
"TV Gets Its Ph.D."
(L.A. Times,
June 15, 2003)

Public Panels (recordings & summaries)
The Future of Television
John Dimling, Charles Ferris, Toby Miller
summary | audiocast
Reality TV
Henry Jenkins, Stacey Koerner, Ghen Maynard
summary | audiocast
News During Wartime
James Carey, Bernard Kalb, Marvin Kalb
summary | audiocast
Summary Perspectives
Nick Couldry, Christine Geraghty
Mary Beth Haralovich, Anna McCarthy
summary | audiocast