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Media Spectacle

The Media Spectacle, founded by late Comparative Media Studies program administrator Chris Pomiecko, celebrated his love for filmmaking by showcasing the finest video projects created by MIT students, staff and faculty.

The event received submissions from every genre, from experimental to documentary to narrative works created on every conceivable platform and device. Prizes included the Chris Pomiecko Award for Best Undergraduate Entry, as well as awards for Best Non-undergraduate Entry, Animation, Experimental, Narrative, Nonfiction, and Audience Favorite.

The event was judged by esteemed members of the community, including Cathy Pomiecko, Chris’s sister.

Highlighted videos

“Two Cups”, by George Zaidan
Best Narrative, 2012

Ruby Rose Fox: “The Dread”, by Generoso Fierro, Garrett Beazley

This is the official music video for Boston singer/songwriter Ruby Rose Fox from her upcoming CD, “Blue Light City”. The song uses the children’s game, “Little Sally Walker” as its metaphor for adult relationships.

“Six Simple Machines”, by the MIT LineStorm Animation Consortium
Best Animation, 2011

Most mechanical systems employ an element of at least one of these Six Simple Machines: the Lever, the Inclined Plane, the Wedge, the Screw, the Wheel and the Pulley. With “Six Simple Machines,” the MIT LineStorm Animation Consortium celebrates these humble – but indispensable — mechanisms, in whimsical configurations. Our hand-drawn artwork originates on flipbooks, streaming at a rate of ten drawings per second. We encode the drawings via Frame Thief, then edit in Final Cut Pro. The music is an excerpt from Luigi Boccherini’s “Third Quintet in E Minor,” Allegretto movement, performed by guitarist Oscar Caceres and the Ensemble Arpeggione, from an ADDA Compact Disc, #581038, copyright 1987. Pell Osborn, of the MIT Student Art Association, supervised the project.