Podcast: George Yúdice, “Cultural Studies and The Expediency of Culture, Rethought in Relation to Internet Platforms and Megadata”

George Yúdice‘s The Expediency of Culture (2003) repositioned culture in connection with governmentality and biopower. The full force of social media, Internet platforms and megadata was not yet evident at the time. The argument that culture empties out as it becomes ever more pivotal in the creative economy has, Yúdice thinks, been borne out. Culture understood as the “terrain of struggle for interpretive power” needs to take into consideration its relocation and reconfiguration in the new media and technologies. In that relocation key concepts of Cultural Studies need to be updated. This talk seeks to maps the requisite changes.

George Yúdice is Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Miami.

This event was co-sponsored with MIT Global Studies and Languages.

Liam Andrew

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