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Alberto Angelini

Alberto Angelini (pka Albert Figurt) is an Italian videomaker, musician, and independent researcher. Since 2005 he has worked as a director and screenwriter both for TV and documentaries, while also presenting video-art installations and experimental theatre pièces all over Europe. He has taught within several study abroad programs in Italy, organizing “Expanded Video Editing” and “DIY Guerrilla Filmmaking” seminars for American exchange students. Since 2009 he has been part of the Video Vortex community (promoted by Amsterdam's INC), lecturing and publishing on online video and its aesthetic & sociological side æffects. In 2022, thanks to the very first Italy-USA Fulbright Grant for “Independent Researchers in the Art Field”, he spent six months as a visiting scholar at MIT (hosted by Nick Montfort's Trope Tank), focusing on the “Re-Design of Cinematic Experience in Screencast Narratives”.