Amanda Sobel

About Amanda Sobel

Amanda Sobel is a WCC Lecturer, communication specialist and writer. She writes the Writing and Communication Center's blog, Like It or Not, Writing Is. At the WCC, she helps members of the MIT community to understand their unique thinking and learning styles and shows them how they can work with these to write, speak and teach effectively. As a blogger and author of flash-nonfiction essays, Amanda enjoys working with WCC clients who are navigating strict word or time limits (like personal statements, one-minute videos, job talks). She holds degrees in Sanskrit and in Celtic Languages from Harvard University. She is interested both in how people form interpretations of the world around them and in how people choose to express their interpretations and relate their experiences. Also a visual artist and learner of many languages, she often thinks about translation—from one language to another language, from verbal communication to visual, musical and other forms of communication.