Anna Chung

About Anna Chung

Anna Woorim Chung is a digital media researcher and designer. She explores ways of representing spaces and information through mediums like VR, 360 video, and data visualization. Born and raised in southeast Michigan, Anna first made her way out west to attend Pomona College, where she studied Media Studies and Computer Science. Along the way, she worked on VR research at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and published a paper on Computer Science education. Anna’s current projects aim to engage people in understandings of gentrification and civic engagement. At MIT, she joins the Center for Civic Media, where she hopes to continue working on projects and tools that critically examine digital and physical spaces and make them more inclusive. After school, Anna loves exploring cities, playing basketball, improving her Korean, and napping. Thesis: Subverting the Algorithm: Examining Anti-Algorithmic Tactics on Social Media