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Desi Gonzalez

Desi Gonzalez leads the design and and development of digital experiences for culture and learning. Puerto Rico-born, Maryland-raised, and now based in Austin, Texas, she is currently the Director of Product at Verb. Previously, she has led digital strategy at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, built digital tools for the emerging middle class in Peru, developed hands-on learning spaces at the Museum of Modern Art, and managed a kids website at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her writing has been featured in publications including Art in America, Art Papers, Indiewire, and The Brooklyn Rail. She has been invited to speak about art, design, and technology at events held by organizations including SXSW, Google Design, and We Are Museums. She holds a B.A. in linguistics and art history from Emory University and an M.S. in comparative media studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thesis: Museum Making: Creating with New Technologies in Art Museums