Desi Gonzalez

About Desi Gonzalez

A researcher, writer, educator, and media maker, Desi Gonzalez studies the potential of digital media to encourage meaningful engagement with the arts. Her research investigates how change and innovation occur in cultural institutions, specifically focusing on an emerging wave of initiatives in art museums that invite visitors and artists to create with new technologies. At MIT's HyperStudio, she worked on the design and evaluation of tools dedicated to supporting research and learning in the humanities, including an art discovery mobile app and a collaborative annotation platform. Before coming to MIT, Desi spent a year as a Kress Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art developing educational materials such as wall texts, audio tours, games, websites, and the interactive learning space MoMA Art Lab: Movement. Prior to that, she managed and wrote texts for the Whitney Museum of American Art's website for young artists, For Kids. Puerto Rico-born and Maryland-raised, Desi graduated from Emory University with majors in art history and linguistics. She writes for various culture publications about art, language, feminism, and occasionally the intersection of all three. In her spare time, she’s probably eating dessert. Thesis: Museum Making: Creating with New Technologies in Art Museums