Fatima Husain

About Fatima Husain

Fatima is an organic geochemist and multimedia science producer based in Cambridge, MA. Each day, she's either in the lab, telling stories about ancient life and environments through organic geochemistry or phylogenomics, or she's sharing the exciting research conducted at MIT with K-12 students around the world through video as host of the MIT Abstracts talk series by the MIT-Nord Anglia Education Collaboration. In addition to her graduate studies, Fatima is also the managing producer of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society's weekly radio series called Possibly, which explores the science behind sustainability. Prior to her Ph.D. studies at MIT, she was MIT's Curiosity Correspondent and completed an internship at NOVA | PBS. Fatima is particularly interested in the applications of lipid biomarkers to paleoenvironmental reconstruction to study human history, the evolution of photosynthetic organisms, climate change, science writing, and education. Thesis: The Deepest Paradox: Seafloor Mining and Its Future