About Jim Bizzocchi

Jim is now Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University, and retired from his regular teaching duties. He continues to work actively on both his research and his art creation. His research interests still include examining the poetics of cinema, video art, and video installations, as well as analyzing the design of interactive narrative in various media forms. His latest scholarly interest is the examination of Virtual Reality environments. He continues to work actively on his own video art, including ambient video works, video installations, and generative video system development. He teaches occasional directed study classes with undergrad and graduate students with interests similar to his, and is also quite active with a group of graduate students working on the analysis of Virtual Reality experience and design. Jim loves to ski tour and bike to help maintain his aging body, but mostly he figures trying to keep up with graduate students is a good way to protect his mind from atrophy. Thesis: Ceremony of Innocence: A Case Study in the Emergent Poetics of Interactive Narrative