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Jo-Ann Graziano

Jo-Ann Graziano teaches the writing course on student participation in MIT history (MIT: Inside, Live). Her background spans public policy, film, and creative writing. She directs a project at the Harvard Kennedy School which forged a knowledge network of government officials, industry, non-profit leaders, and academics. She serves as a Writing Advisor for Science, Technology and Society (STS), Education policy, and Humanities classes and teaches film in the Literature Section. Graziano is founding Executive Director of the Boston Women's Film Festival, in its fifth year in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Brattle Theater with the mission of championing the work of women artists. Her short fiction has appeared in Harvard Review and Glimmer Train, and she is working on a screenplay based on Katherine Dexter McCormick's (B.S. 1906) involvement with the birth control pill. She holds a Masters in Literature and Creative Writing from Harvard.