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Paul Roquet

Paul Roquet theorizes the cultural politics and power relations woven through mediated spatial perception, focusing on the use of media to shape the emotional environments of everyday life. His first book, Ambient Media: Japanese Atmospheres of Self (Minnesota, 2016), explores the use of music, video, film, and literature as forms of background mood regulation, theorizing what it means to treat peripheral perception as a resource for self-care. His current work extends these concerns to virtual reality, augmented reality, and ubiquitous computing, examining how responsive computational environments enable new forms of perceptual capture and control. He has also published a series of essays examining the production of emotional space in experimental animation. All his work is rooted in a close analysis of how these media developments intersect with and help shape broader transformations in contemporary Japanese society. His courses at MIT emphasize East Asian perspectives on audiovisual, literary, and digital media. For more see