Yannis Zavoleas (yannisz@alum.mit.edu)

Yannis Zavoleas

Yannis Zavoleas teaches Computational Design and Architecture as Senior Lecturer at University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. He holds a Ph.D. in Architectural Design from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA - 2011, best study of the year), an MSc in Comparative Media Studies from MIT (2004), an MArch from UCLA (2000) and a 5-year professional degree in architectural engineering from NTUA (1996). In 2013 Yannis published the books "Machine and Network as Structural Models in Architecture" and "Surface: Digital Materiality and the New Relation between Depth and Surface", both by Futura, Athens. His research interests include architectural design methodology, theory and practice, especially seen through the digital turn. He has published papers and produced experimental works on computation and the future of architecture and the related design practices, under an interdisciplinary scope. His recent research project named as Bio-Shelters received the prestigious New South Wales Urban Growth funding to build artificial prototype reef structures as shelters for marine organisms acting as natural filters to clean the sea water. Currently, such kinds of sea life are heavily threatened by increasing pollution levels. It is suggested that the proposed structures will assist population regrowth and will improve the water quality in coastal urban areas such as Sydney Harbour. Thesis: Restating Artistic Value: Why Do People Pay 2,000,000 US.D. for a Urinal Signed by R. Mutt?