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Winners of the Ilona Karmel Writing Prizes

The Prize for Writing to Advance Anti-Racism

20241stQuentin Smith“Questions About Appropriation”
20231stOlolade Abdulai“Portraits of Change”
20221stJerry Han“Off the Rails”
20211stOlolade Abdulai“On Identifying Trauma”
20212ndSyamantak Payra“Equity and Equanimity”
2021Honorable MentionSharon Lin“Ghosts”

Boit Engineering Prize

20241stEileen Zhang“Effect of Posture on Tidal Volume in Human Breathing”
20242ndShreya Agarwal“The Aerodynamics of a Solar Car: Comparing Simulations to the Real-world”
20243rdGillian Roeder“The Effect of Initial Crank Angle on Bicycle Acceleration from Rest”
20231stCarolina Warneryd“Characterization and Modeling of the Human Mouth Space for the Informed Design of Intraoral Wearable Human-Computer Interfaces”
20232ndHannah Gazdus“The Effects of Increasing Binder Concentration on the Fracture Force and Vibrancy of Watercolor Paint”
20221stAviva Intveld“Microstructural Characterization and Measurement of Protein-Based Hydrogels Via Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy”
20222ndJeffrey Shen“Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities on the Internet: A Layered Model”
20211stSyamantak Payra“Design, Mechanism, and Construction of a Portable Modular Space Lavatory (PMSL)”
20212ndEmelie A. Eldracher, Hayley Popiel, and Joanna Kennedy“Identifying Plastic Bags in Other Waste: A Comparison Between Human and Neural Net”
20213rd (tie)Christopher Eschler, Alby Joseph, Spencer Toll, and Richard Osterude“Increasing Specific Elastic Strain Energy in Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites”
20213rd (tie)Natasha Stamler“The Effect of Microwave Heating Duration on Marshmallow Temperature and Material Properties”
2020 1stHeather Nelson“Photographic Film Reticulation Due to Temperature Changes during Film Development”
20202ndAnupama Phatak“Effect of Leaf Storage Methods on Brewed Tea”
2020Honorable MentionSharon Lin“Spectre Exfiltration Challenge”
20191stAmy Fang“How Bake Time and Ingredient Ratios Affect Cookie Texture”
20192ndKristen Frombach“Haugh Model and Modification”
20181stAgnes Cameron“Termite-inspired techniques for decentralised street planning”
20182ndAnnika E Rollock“Attitude Rate Control for Recovery of a Quadcopter After a Partial Single Rotor Failure in Steady, Level Flight”
2018Honorable MentionCathryn Hart“Comparison and Improvement of Fed-Batch and Continuous Bioprocesses for the Production of Monoclonal Antibodies”
20171st PrizeRemi Mir“Transferring Emotions”
20172ndElliot Owen“An Accessible Alternative to Monolithic Flexures”
2017Honorable MentionElan Ness-Cohn“Regenerative Medicine: Toward the Clinic”
20161stEric Dahlseng“Developing a Capacitor-based System for Permanent Magnet Magnetization”
20162ndMarie Elimbi Moudio“Optimization of Mixing of Two Air Flows in the Annular Region of a Cylindrical Swirl Combustor”
20151stJulia Sun“Inducing Multi-Lineage Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Single Bioreactor Systems”
20152ndGianmarco Suarez“Progress towards optimization of a synthetic two-component photography system in Escherichia coli”
20141stEbaa Al-Obeidi
20142ndHarrison Hunter“ErdosFs”
2014Honorable MentionAshley Smith
2012Honorable MentionMary Zhang“Use of Genetically Engineered Bacteria in the Fermentation of Hydrolysate Sugars for Butanol Production”
20111st (tie)Maia Bageant“Comparing Deflection Properties of Softball Bats”
20111st (tie)Talal Al-Mulla“A Long-Term Ecological Research Experiment to Test the Unintended Consequences of Cloud Brightening on the Hydrological Cycle”
2011Honorable MentionEli Williams“The J.P. Morgan Strategic Investment Advisory Group: An Organizational Analysis”
20101stTiffany K. Cheng“Testing the Unintended Consequences of Lignin Reduction in Genetically Modified Trees on Trophic Interactions”
20102ndConnie Chan“Testing how the sulfur aerosols geoengineering scheme’s increase in diffuse light has a negative affect on global warming”
20101stClara Yuan“Production of 2,3-butanediol in Escherichia coli”
20092ndEric Dow and Garrett Robinson“A Wing-Sail Array for Tanker Applications”
2009Honorable MentionKatrina Westerhof“Surface Modification of Quantum Dots for Tissue Targeting in Drug Delivery and Medical Imaging”
20071st Jonathan M. Long“A Programmable Traffic Light Controller”
20051stRagu Vijaykumar“Microencapsulation of Mineral Oil with Gelatin-Acacia”
20052ndMuyinatu Lediju“Identifying Unlabeled Containers Using Sound Velocity Measurements”
20031st Luxiou Chen“Small Embedded Hardware”
20032ndAadel Chaudhuri and Ragunath Vijaykumar“Frequency and Behaviour of Action Potentials in Response to a Long Duration Membrane Current in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model”
2003Honorable MentionMargaux Daly“Verification of a Correlation Between Total Resistance to Heat Transfer and Flow Rate in a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger”
20021st Samidh Chakrabarti“Techniques for Speeding Web Access in the Developing World”
20022ndMarion Jones“Isolation and Sharing with Segments”
2002Honorable MentionCarlos Gomez-Uribe“Soap Bubbles and Films”
*Through 2016, this prize was known as the Writing and Humanistic Studies Prize for Engineering Writing. No prize awarded in 2013, 2008, 2004.

Boit Manuscript (Drama)

20241stAlayo Oloko“Collateral”
20242ndJiwoo Park“Last Night at the Observatory”
20243rdAlice Trang Le“Nina, Nina”
20221stAlan Zhu“Hold Me (But Not Too Close)”
20211stJordan Tappa“G@M3R GRIL”
20212ndAnupama Phatak“Mortality Rate: Recalculating”
2021Honorable MentionAnisha Agarwal“In Absentia”
2020 1stMargaret Kosten“Foregone Conclusion”
20202ndElijah Miller“Reset”
2020Honorable MentionMary Dahl“Meltdown”
2020Honorable MentionJordan Tappa“G@M3R GRIL”
20181stAlana Lidawer“Ideal”
20182ndRachel Yang“Tactless”
2018Honorable MentionAyomide Fatunde“Ants”
20141stNatalia Guerrero“Potential”
20142ndAnna Waldo“In Which We Are Bad At Dealing With Our Problems”
2014Honorable MentionGeorge Bailey“Srebrenica”
20131stNeil Fitzgerald
20132ndJohari Menelik
2013Honorable MentionJaclyn Wilson
20121st Jessica Fujimori“Taj’s Prayer”
20122ndAndi Wang“Triple”
2012Honorable MentionAnna Waldo“Box”
2011 1stAnna Waldman-BrownBankisaga: An Economic Tragicomedy”
20101st Long Lam“For Overseas Basis”
20102ndAnna Waldman-Brown“Seals Can’t Dance”
2009 1stAnneke Schwob“Waiting Room”
20092ndLong Lam“Old Friend(s)”
2009Honorable MentionJonathan Sue-Ho“Pirate vs Ninja”
20081stAllison Berke“Disatisfaction”
20082ndMariam Shaikh“The Man in the Mirror”
2008Honorable MentionSarah Dupuis-Kornreich“Public Relations”
20071stMei-Hsin Cheng“Nerds and the City”
20061stTheresa Eugenio“Inconstant”
20041stNancy Keuss
20042ndAmy Fisher
20031st Daniel Katz“Three Struggles”
20032ndKaia Dekker“Enchantment”
2003Honorable MentionMax Goldman“Surface of the Water”
*No prize awarded in 2004, 2015-2017, 2019, 2023

Boit Manuscript Prize (Essay)

20241stCindy XieThe Politics and Poetics of Asian American Mental Health
20242ndQuentin SmithDoes Black Royalty Contribute to Black Community Growth?
20243rdJayashabari ShankarThe Power of Words
20231stAlan Zhu“Although Eventually You End up Becoming Yourself”
20221stCatherine Ji“Boise’s Chinatown in Memory and Its Narrators”
20201stSteven Truong“How I Got into Medical School”
20191stJessica Adams“After the Storm”
20181st (tie)Danielle Finney“Awokening”
20181st (tie)Kate Weishaar“A Reflection Upon My Own Gender-Racial-Ethnic Identity Development”
20182ndJanice Ong“Made in His image: The influence of personal motivation in the fostering of Carolingian saints’ cults by Charlemagne’s Einhard and Hincmar of Reims”
2018Honorable MentionPatricia Gao“From Here to Home”
2018Honorable MentionKatherine Young“Interconnection and Recollection in Schubert’s Cello Quintet”
20171st Vincent Anioke“Reverse Culture Shock”
20172ndDarian Bhathena“Abnormality”
20173rdSteven Truong“Pretty”
20161stDaniel Richman“Making Tracks”
20151stDaniel Parker“Unity and Disunity in Beethoven’s Great Fugue”
20152ndAngela Leong“Ping”
20141stNatasha Balwit“The House on Hidden Hills”
20111st Shawn Tsosie“Desert Discursions”
2011Honorable MentionSalman Aldukheil“To Be Determined”
20101stAbdul Munir“In Quest of Identity”
2010Honorable MentionMark Reed“Who Wrote The Federalist Papers?”
20091st (tie)Jason E. Douglas“Who Am I: Essays in Quest of Identity”
20091st (tie)Marguerite Siboni“Inheritance”
2008Honorable MentionSarah Dupuis-Kornreich“Turn On, Turn Up: Three Essays on Pop Culture”
2008Honorable MentionSharon Cochenour“From There to Here”
20071stHan Zhu“Memories of a Chinese-American”
20072ndJiao Wang“Transplanted: Eastern Sprout, Western Tree”
20061stNancy Hua“Fleeting Moments in a Girl’s Life”
20051stAnna Wexler“(Ad)Ventures: Essays on Travel”
20052ndMatthew R. Burns“More Than Words: A Biography of Daniel Francis Burns”
2005Honorable MentionJiji Gu“Closer: Natural Selection and the Invisible Hand”
20042ndRachel Dillon and Alex Khripin
20031st (tie)Jolene Singh“Tales of Toast and Tea”
20031st (tie)Jeffrey D. LeBlanc“A Journey Through China”
20032ndMargaret Shyr“Don’t Throw Away Face”
2003Honorable MentionMarissa Raymond“An Exercise in Fortitude“Don’t Throw Away Face”
20022nd (tie)Jenny Lin“Life Lessons”
20022nd (tie)Tamam Mango“Z: Salvucci’s Charles River Crossing”
*No prize awarded in 2021, 2013, 2012. No 1st prize in 2004, 2002.

Boit Manuscript Prize (Fiction)

20241stAmber VelezThe Architect and the Poisoner (Chapters 4-5)
20242ndAsher Wong“Deep Calls to Deep”
20231stAmber Velez“The Architect and the Poisoner”
20232ndSiyi Lin“Judgment Day”
20233rdJyotsna Nair“Push”
20221stNailah Smith“The Devil in Him”
20222ndTiffany Chen“Well-Versed”
20223rdAayush Gupta“Pond”
2021 1stRona Wang“Char Literally”
20212ndNailah Smith“Shadows and Light”
2021Honorable MentionQuinn Brodsky“Giantess”
20201stWendy Trattner“A Million Shards of Glass”
20202ndRona Wang“Hello World”
2020Honorable MentionKathryn Mohr“Atavism”
20191st (tie)Rona Wang“Idols”
20191st (tie)Jocelyn Shen“Time Zone”
20192ndDaniel Guberek“Paths That Can’t Be Traced”
2019Honorable MentionSam Pauley“A Fool’s Errand”
20181stMaya Kaul“Untethered”
20182ndVirginia Rosenberger“The Three Instances of Jack Yung”
2018Honorable MentionTheresa Machemer“Among the Marigold Ghosts”
20171stVincent Anioke“The Walk”
20172ndJessica Adams“Flower Thieves”
2017Honorable MentionRona Wang“Girlhood”
20161stM. Abrams“Bad Dreams”
20162ndMichael Winer“M.A.D.N.E.S.S.”
2016Honorable MentionJoseph Schuman“Bit by Bit”
20151stVincent Anioke“New Light”
20152ndNatasha Balwit“Big Dog”
2015Honorable MentionM. Abrams“Avelina”
2014Honorable MentionLourdes Bobbio
20131stDana Reback
20132ndHolden Lee
20121stRachel Martin“Present, Endured”
20122ndDennis Wilson“La Vita Evita”
2012Honorable MentionAimee Harrison“Underneath”
20111stHolden Lee“A Taste of Passion”
20101stGillian Conahan“Creeping Iron”
20091st Lindsay Johnson“(There Is) More Than the End”
20092ndMinah Shahbaz“Limited Focus”
2009Honorable MentionAnna Waldman-Brown“The Curious Travels of Mira’s Elder Brother”
20081st Michael Obilade“Roseblood”
20082ndSamantha Weiss“Viastrin Dust”
2008Honorable MentionGillian Conahan“Codominion”
20071stMinah Shahbaz“Of Hope and Beyond”
20072ndFarah Ghniem“Majd”
2007Honorable MentionMichael Obilade“Soup, City, Well, Salt”
20061stMichael Obilade“Street Kids and Other Stories”
20062ndKaya Shah“Mangoes Under the Night Sky: A Collection of Short Stories”
2006Honorable MentionMadeleine Sheldon-Dante“Code Bitch”
20051stAdora Asala“Omi” (novella in progress)
20052ndCaroline Fu“Truth in Chile Verde and Almond M&Ms, and other short stories”
2005Honorable MentionGrace Lin“Daughters and Sons: A Collection”
20041stArthur Musah
20042ndJean Young Choi
2004Honorable MentionEun J. Lee
20022ndKelly Clancy“Sylva”
2002Honorable MentionBlake Stacey“Suspended Fourth”
*No prize awarded in 2003. No 1st prize awarded in 2002.

Boit Manuscript Prize (Poetry)

20241stCindy Xie“Translocations”
20242ndFatima Nasir Abbasi“hence the running began”
20243rdAmber Velez“far over forests”
20244thKaivalya Hariharan“Earthshine”
20231stYuyuan Luo“If You Remember Nothing Else”
20232ndM. Geogdzhayeva“The Intention of Memory”
20233rd (tie)Carolina Warneryd“Behold, Fruit Sandwich”
20233rd (tie)Amber Velez“In Summer the Sun Sets at Midnight”
20221st (tie)Sagnik Anupam“Corollaries”
20221st (tie)Catherine Ji“pillars of lower heavens”
20222ndAvery Nguyen“Squares”
20223rdAlan Zhu“and then we all fell down again”
20211stPatricia Gao“Breakfast Is Over”
20212ndNailah Smith“Things the World Will Never Know”
20213rd (tie)Ololade Abdulai“A Cracked Mirror”
20213rd (tie)McKenzie Sampson“In Transit”
2020 1stIvy Li“Keeping Still in a Moving Portrait”
20202ndSophia Diggs-Galligan“My Own Map”
2020Honorable MentionHanna Kherzai“Leaving and Passing By”
2020Honorable MentionRona Wang“I hope this email finds you well”
20191stRona Wang“affirmative reaction”
20192ndSophia E Diggs-Galligan“Other People”
20193rdAyse Güvenilir“Where I Come From”
2019Honorable MentionOlivia (Liv) Koslow“The Eye Behind Itself”
20181st Elise Bickford“Undated (excerpts)”
20182nd (tie)Hanna Kherzai“Brightest Inside”
20182nd (tie)Rona Wang“Wu Daozi Dreaming”
2018Honorable MentionMax Evans“Find My Way Home”
2018Honorable MentionNeena Dugar“Coffee Spoons”
20171st (tie)Gailin Pease“Make This Body Mine”
20171st (tie)Elise Bickford“Social Theory and Practice”
20172ndRona Wang“girl, continued”
2017Honorable MentionShelby Pefley“Lament for my Mother”
2017Honorable MentionAllie Hexley“Too Foreign for Here”
20161stPatrick Wahl“The Queen of Spain”
20162nd (tie)Valentina Chamorro“Run by Bird: Translation of Ewa Chrusciel’s Contraband of Hoopoe
20162nd (tie)Sam Fomon“standard memorandum”
20151st (tie)Vivian Tran“Introverted Intersections”
20151st (tie)Alexandriyia Emonds“Paracme”
20152ndValentina Chamorro“Fabrications”
20153rd (tie)Nicolas Brown“lore-a, on the tangibles”
20153rd (tie)Herbert Mehnert“Poems for Sad Robots”
20141stAlexandriya M.X. EmondsExcerpts from “of Petrichor and Priorities”
20131stAlexandriya Emonds
20132ndKaty Gero
20133rdNikita Consul
20121st Aimee HarrisonExcerpts from “The Id Kids”
20122ndIrina Kholodenko“To spill black chalk”
2012Honorable MentionChristine Yu“Odious and Amorous”
20111st (tie) Aimee Harrison“Stumbling Through”
20111st (tie)Sarah Whiteside“Coal Dust: A Collection of Poems From a Senior Year”
2011Honorable MentionJia Zhu“Experiments”
20101st Renee Reder“My Window on Main Street”
20091stRenee Reder“La Roue de Paris”
20092ndSeohyung Kim“The Build-up: Writing on the Margins”
2009Honorable MentionSarah Campbell Proehi“Men in My Life, As of Late”
20081st Zachary Smith“Waiting For My Socks to Stink: Walking and Working Poems”
20082ndRenee Reder“Senses-Spirit”
20071st Dan Levine“Arena”
20072ndLisa Wang“The Persistence of Memory”
2007Honorable MentionGillian Conahan“Epic of the Tiger Empress”
20061st Jessica Young“Sundays by the Wall of Isfahan Adams and Sister Schuller: A Fantasy (for the Thanksgiving of 2004) which shall remain Untitled”
20062ndEmily Levesque“Cadenza – Improvisations on Beautiful Scenes”
20041stAaron Parness
20042ndArthur Musah
2004Honorable MentionAmanda K. Sorenson
20031stArthus Musah“The Orange Sun Captured Inside the Mango”
20021stMoana Minton “Catch”
*No prize awarded in 2005.

DeWitt-Wallace Prize for Writing for the Public

20241stChristina Kim“A New Protein Emerges as a Promising Target for Male Contraception”
20231stHillary Diane Andales“The Grand (and Possibly Galactic) Story of Life”
20232ndElisa Tianyue Xia“The Future of Data Storage: DNA”
20221stIan Rosado“Keeping your Feet on the Ground: Smart Floor Technology”
20222ndUzuki Horo“Brain-Computer Interface Developed by Kernel and Its Ethical Concerns”
20223rdSharon Jiang“A Primary Care Physician’s Perspective on Addressing Healthcare Inequities”
20211stIsabelle Yen“Why We See Colors Differently”
20212ndMcKenzie Sampson“Seeing Is Believing”
2021Honorable MentionSarah Knopf“WaterBears”
20201stVictor Luo“How Ocean Acidification was Implicated in Causing Coral Decline”
20202ndFatima Gunter-Rahman“The Immorality Associated with Belonging”
Honorable Mention: Leah Yost, “Will BEAR Become Bull?”
2019 1stMimi Wahid“Urban Forestry”
20192ndLeah Yost“Unimaginable Magnitude”
2019Honorable MentionJoe Faraguna“We Are All Slime Molds at Heart”
20171stTheresa Machemer“SENSEable City Lab Is Rethinking Urban Planning from the Underground Up”
20172ndFrancesca Schembri“How Can She Help You?”
2017Honorable MentionSteven Truong“When Going to the Bathroom Becomes Scary”
20161st Elizabeth Li“The Unexpected Control Behind Uncontrolled Growth”
20162ndEmily Sheng“Is it Worth the Wait?”
20151stHannah Hailan Pang“A Breath of Fresh Air”
20152ndGailin Pease“Passion and Physics: Rai Weiss and the founding of LIGO”
20141stZachary Wener-Fligner“Getting the Timing Right”
20142ndDalia Walzer“Our Guts, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Emerging Evidence for a Human-Microbiota Symbiosis”
2014Honorable MentionMinyi Lee
20131stAnna Ho
20132ndSam Shames
20133rdRachel Ellison
20121stRena Katz“Rethinking Me”
20122ndAllison Hamilos“Making Change Profitable”
2011 1stDiana LaScala-Gruenewald“A Call for Action”
20112ndRosemary M. Sugrue“Tale of the Florida Everglades, Politics, and Sour Sugar”
2011Honorable MentionSean Faulk“The Fountain”
20101stDiana LaScala“Conquering Compulsion”
2010Honorable Mention Sebastian Armiyaw Nasamu“The Theory of Probability – A Game of Chance!”
20091st (tie)Matthew Meisner“Pesticides: An American Tragedy”
20091st (tie)Fangfei Shen“The Biggest of the Particle Colliders – But the Baddest?”
20092ndAnneke Schwob“Engineering a Save”
2009Honorable MentionChris Kennedy“A Journey Through Darkness”
20081stLisa Song“The Unteneable City”
20082ndNatania Antler“Eyes Upward”
2008Honorable MentionScott Berdahl“An Emergent New Perspective”
2008Honorable MentionElizabeth Finn“Oh, Deer!”
20071stDerrick S. Boone, Jr.“Quanta from Heaven”
20072ndAnna Wexler“From Neurons to Neighborhoods: Profile of a Salesman”
20061stUta Maeda“Chasing Away Monsters: A Pill to Forget Painful Memories”
Uta Maeda“A Pill a Day Keeps Forgetfulness Away”
20052ndBenjamin Lee“Discovering Newton”
2005Honorable MentionYin Ren“Designer Babies: Marvel or Mistake?”
20041stChristine E. Casas
20042ndIngrid Lawhorn
2004Honorable MentionJolene Singh
20031st Nnennia Ejebe“As Prescribed on TV”
20032ndMarissa Raymond“Misconceptions of the Mexican American Family: A Case of the Misuse of Cultural Competency”
20021st (tie) Samidh Chakrabarti“X-Ray Vision: The Mirrors of the Chandra Telescope”
20021st (tie)Winnie Yang“How I See the World”
2002Honorable MentionElizabeth Rouse“Computer Vision: Not Just a Summer Project”
*No prize awarded in 2018

Ellen King Prize for First-Year Writing

20241stJessica Kim“This Unsurmountable World”
20242ndFiona Lu“Fault Lines”
20243rdSusan Hong“Goose”
20231stCristine Chen“Life is Precious (Nuchi du Takara)”
20232ndNia Felton“Flash Before My Eyes”
20233rdGozel Dovranova“My Journey with Russian: Hate to Love Story”
20221stAudrey Lee“Division and Unification”
20222ndFatima Nasir Abbasi“aftermaths”
20223rdAlice Le“Vandalizing Memory Lane, or Springtime Musings in Four Chapters”
2021 1stDiana Degnan“Representational Reform: On Systemic Underrepresentation in the United States and the Need for Legislative Reform”
20212ndSagnik Anupam“Dawn and Other Poems”
20213rdCindy Xie“Poetry Collection: Family Instruments”
20201stVictoria Dzieciol“Missed Connections”
20202ndAviva Intveld“Keefman/Leefman”
2020Honorable MentionVainavi Mukkamala“When the Jasmine Blooms”
2019 1stRuby Kharod“Unprepared”
20192ndNicole Munne“March 14th”
2018Honorable MentionPatricia Gao“On Infinity”
20171stRona Wang“Girl in the Rice Paddies”
20172ndRona Wang“Fortune’s Fool”
2017Honorable MentionKristen Overly“Detour”
20161stMeia Alsup“Family Trees”
20151st (tie)Trang Luu“How to tell the Color of the Sky”
20151st (tie)Lordique Fok“Sophia”
20152ndGailin Pease“Theories”
20141stRemi Mir
20131stKapaya Katongo
20132ndLena Yang
2013Honorable MentionJorrie Brettin
20121stShilpa Agrawal“Riverside Park”
20122ndJonathan Martin Matthews“Padre Billini”
2012Honorable MentionPaelle Powell“Unplanned”
20111stEmma Gargus“Experiences with Antiquity”
20112ndDeena Wang“Maiden, Mother, Monster”
2011Honorable MentionXunjie Li“1927”
20101st Sahar Hakim-Hashem“The Element That Made and Maimed Me”
20102ndCurtis Clemens“The Workbench”
2010Honorable MentionKatherine Luo“A Lesson in Social Graces”
20091st Kelechi Nwosu“Zero Beach”
20092ndAimee Harrison“Chaos and Control”
2009Honorable MentionJessica Lin“Third Eye”
20081stEmma Rosen“Running on Empty”
20082ndAdrianna L. Tam“The Pursuit of Happiness”
2008Honorable MentionIrina Kholodenko“Four Poems”
20071stMarguerite Siboni“Relatively Old”
20072ndSarah Dupuis-Kornreich“L’amour C’est Comme Une Cigarette”
20061st Rebecca Freund“On Tackling”
20062ndChelsea Grimm“Effectiveness of Mausy Comix”
2006Honorable MentionRobert A. Moffatt“The Old Wheatie”
20052nd (tie)Mary-Irene Lang“At a Desk”
20052nd (tie)Emilie “Jaime” T. Heffernan“The One Beneath”
2005Honorable MentionNivair H. Gabriel“Confirmation of Faith”
20041stTheresa Eugenio
20042ndAnicham Kumarasamy
2004Honorable MentionScott Ostler
20031stKaya Shah“Monkeys Upstairs”
20032ndAlma E. Rico“AmeXican”
2003Honorable MentionBrian Goodness“Behind the Beauty”
2003Honorable MentionIngrid E.B. Lawhorn“The Women’s Room”
20031st Jolene Singh“My Grandmother’s Tears”
20032ndAnna Kuperstein“Politics and the Misuse of Religion”
2003Honorable MentionFlora Amwayi“Tightening the Knot”
2003Honorable MentionStephen Lee“The Growing Impersonality of Communication”
*Originally known as the Ellen King Prize for Freshman Writing; MIT changed official usage from “freshman” to “first-year” in 2018. No 1st place awarded in 2005.

Enterprise Poets Prize for Imagining a Future

20241stAmber Velez“After Dusk”
20231stHillary Diane Andales“Inside the Infodemic: An Epidemiological Study of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories”
20232ndAmber Velez“All the World’s Sunlight”
20221stKwan Queenie Li“Insomniac/Amnesiac”
20222ndAlicia Guo“Anatomy of the Collective”
20211stKwan Queenie Li“Worlds That They Edge”
20212nd (tie)Anna Waldman-Brown“Maximillian’s All-American Apocalypse”
20212nd (tie)Indrayud Mandal“Let’s Play”
20201stYuping Hsu“In Between Empathy and Wonder Lies the Contamination that Makes Us Human”
20202nd (tie)Nancy Valladares“A Dedicated Mechanism for Forgetting (Master Letters)”
20202nd (tie)Rona Wang“Imitation Game”
20191stJessica Adams“If Jesus Had an Instagram”
20192nd (tie)Luíza Bastos Lages“Fictional Landscapes”
20192nd (tie)Sachin Bhagchandani“Simulated Reality Machine”
20181stRona Wang“The Seas Between Us”
20182ndSunayana Rane“The Sound of 1984: Protecting Artistic Creativity in a Predictive World”
2017 1stMeicen Sun“After Power”
20172ndDevany West“Worms”
20161st (tie)Elise Bickford“Specter: a future dialogue”
20161st (tie)Lochie Ferrier“Electric Airports”
20151stMei Zuo“Propinquity in Future Communities”
20152ndNatasha Balwit“Tunnels”
20141stDavid Christoff“The System: Football for Sale”
20142ndDennis Wilson“Signal the Noise”
20131stJustin Chen
20132nd (tie)Samantha Fomon
20132nd (tie)Alexandriya Emonds
20121st Anna Waldo“Machine Vision”
20122ndMolly Kozminsky“Everyone”
20111st Laila Wahedi“The Web”
20112ndAnna Waldman-Brown“The Birthday Present”
20101stAnna Waldman-Brown“A Madness Most Discreet”
20102ndAnthony Farrell“Loading Screen”
20091st Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez“Video Acquisition Multi-touch Controller”
20092ndAnna Waldman Brown“Punctuality”
20071st Nancy Hua“People You Never Meet Again”
20072ndGillian Conahan“Sky Dreams”
*No prize awarded in 2008

King Prize for Science Fiction Writing

20241stAmber Velez“Another Taste This Winter”
20242ndFiona Lu“Stars”
20243rdAlayo Oloko“Countertops”
20231st (tie)Summer Hoss“Entropy Bends at Mach 10”
20231st (tie)Hannah Gazdus“Sneaking for Songs (and a Bit of Thievery, Too)”
20232ndAmber Velez“The Poisoner”
20233rdMichael Teodros“Law and Kaos”
20221st (tie)Hannah Gazdus“That Must Have Been One Killer Croissant”
20221st (tie)Amber Velez“At the Crossroads”
20222ndLeah Yost“Frozen”
20223rdZawad Chowdhury“Star Child​”
20211stSarah Knopf“Human”
20212nd (tie)Ether Bezugla“The Formation of Tumbleweed”
20212nd (tie)Sophia Cohen“Critical Mass”
20213rdAnupama Phatak“Rising Tides”
2020 1st (tie)Linyue Fan“When Golden Teardrops Fall”
20201st (tie)Leah Yost“Have Mercy”
20202ndIvy Li“I, Anonymous”
20203rd (tie)Rona Wang“Unwrapped”
20203rd (tie)Michelle Xu“Hunger”
20191stSteven Truong“The Little Sparrow”
20192ndDaniel Guberek“Recreation at a Library”
2019Honorable MentionSam Ingersoll“The Fish Tells You to Wander”
20181st (tie) Elliot Owen“His Lord’s Finest Telescope Emporium”
20181st (tie)Synthia Odu“The South Wall”
20182ndCathryn Hart“Paradoxical Sleep”
2018Honorable MentionSteven Truong“Mask Off”
20171stMelanie Abrams“Strong Feeling”
20172ndGailin Pease“Touch”
20161stAda Taylor“Her Electric Sleep”
20162ndMarissa Stephens“The Abyss”
20163rdAlice Wu“Memory Cell”
20151stAndrea Kriz“Fear”
20152ndVincent Anioke“Will of the Puppets”
20153rdM. Abrams“Last Matinee at the Marionette Circus”
20141stShannon Kao
20142ndMichael Cheung
2014Honorable MentionSheila Xu
20131stShannon Kao
20132ndDana Reback
20133rdAlexandra Sailsman
20121st (tie)Aimee Harrison“Letter of Resignation”
20121st (tie)Hakyung Shin“The Piano Player”
20111st Aimee Harrison“Animals of Humanity”
20112ndEmilio T. Jasso“Aida”
2011Honorable MentionLaila Wahedi“The Prodigy”
20091st Gillian Conohan“Shroud of Sand”
20092ndSusan Shepherd“First Contact”
2009Honorable MentionNatania Antler“Heavy, Man”
20081stSamantha Weiss“Creator’s Café”
20082ndDan Levine“The Expense of Spirit”
2008Honorable MentionGillian Conahan“No One Needs to Know”
20071stGillian Conahan“Kimi”
20072ndZachary Wissner-Gross“The Modern League”
2007Honorable MentionMadeleine Sheldon-Dante“The Birds, the Bees, and the Breyers”
20061st Jocelyn Rodal“Hiding Blind”
20062ndZachary Smith“Nothing More”
2006Honorable MentionMargaret Gentile“Not By Design”
20051st Madeliene Sheldon-Dante“Astep”
20052ndElizabeth Zellner“My Boyfriend’s Back…”
2005Honorable MentionChristopher Walsh“Deputy”
20041stScott Berdahl
20042ndNancy Hua
2004Honorable MentionJames Skelley
20031st Wendy Cook“How to Become a Galaxy Class Poker Professional”
20032ndBurhanuddin A. Baki“Heaven, Hell, and Love: A Parable”
2003Honorable MentionAlison Klesman“Beta”
20021stAlison Klesman“Akujunkan”
20022ndJovn Hsu“Rodney”
2002Honorable MentionKris Schnee“Blue Prophet and Out of the Blue”
2002Honorable MentionBlake Stacey“Papyrus Fragment 497728, Newly Translated”
*No prize awarded in 2010

Obermayer Prize for Writing on the History of Innovation (Undergraduates)

20221stOlolade Abdulai“Finding Your Fulcrum in an Innovative World”
20211stEliza Khokhar“Thalidomide: The Powerful Catalyst that Shaped the FDA’s Role in the Modern Age”
20212ndIsabelle Yen“A Short History of Carbon Dating”
20201stIvy Li“Visions and Revisions of Tomorrow’s Cities”
2020Honorable MentionIsabelle Yen“Dinner in Five Minutes”
20191stYiwei Zhu“Evaluating South East Asian Souvenirs”
2019Honorable MentionSteven Truong“The Chronology of Horology”
2019Honorable MentionJessica Adams“Beyond Objectivity”
20171stFrancesca Schembri“The Age of Female Computers”
20161stSarah Osmulski“The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research: MIT’s $100 Million Gamble”
*No prize awarded in 2018, 2023, 2024

Obermayer Prize for Writing on the History of Innovation (Graduate Students)

20231stChristopher Benton“Beyond Bow Ties & Bean Pies”
2022Honorable MentionPavan Inguva“Innovative Publication Modalities Improve Research and Teaching”
2021 1stMichelle Spektor“Quantifying the ‘National Physique’: Deterioration, Degeneracy, and the British National Anthropomet”
2020Honorable MentionAshley Belanger“No Freedom to do Harm”
20191stKallirroi Retzepi “You the Users”
20181st (tie) Stratton Coffman“Ground Games”
20181st (tie)Agnes Cameron“Disruptive Hardware in Southern China”
20171stMeicen Sun“Finding the Innovation Algorithm”
2017Honorable MentionEmily Watlington“Orientalist Toilets”
*No prize awarded in 2024

Obermayer Prize for Writing for the Public

20241stKartik Chandra“Advent of AI”
20221stLeah Campbell“Climate Change Poses a Huge Threat to Railroads”
20211stRobert Davis“Owl Anatomy Could Help Engineers Make Aircraft More Stable in Windy Conditions”
20212ndJameson McBride“Freeing the Snow: Climate Adaptation, Inequality, and the Future of Skiing”
20191stBoer Fu“The History of the Underground”
2019Honorable MentionAgnes Cameron“Hiding in Plain Sight”
20181stAgnes Cameron“Inventing Nothing”
2018Honorable MentionLaura Castañón“Building a Charge”
20171stJustin Chen“An Elegant Mind”
2017Honorable MentionAaron Dy“Synthetic Biology to Help Colonize Mars”
*No prize awarded in 2020, 2023

Rebecca Blevins Faery Prize for Undergraduate Autobiographical Essay

20241stKate PearceStill Life with Vine Tomatoes and Rosary Beads
20242ndKatelyn HowardCeleste in the Woods
20231stMercy Oladipo“Ours”
20232ndSelena Liu“Excision”
20221stSeo Yeong Kwag“Home”
20222ndVanessa Deering“Team”
20211stNailah Smith“If America Was a House”
20212ndRona Wang“The Theorem of Us”
20201stCarl Joshua Quines“Infinity”
20202ndSteven Truong“Life is Divisible by Two”
20191stChloe Yang“Battle Hymn of a Tiger Child”
20192ndRona Wang“The Moon and Her Lady”

Robert A. Boit Prize (Essay)

20241stCindy XieTriggers
20242ndFiona LuMother Tongue
20243rdSelena LiuThe Palimpsest Sensation
20244thAmber VelezThe Winding Road
20231stAmber Velez“Tell Me How It Hurts”
20232ndAmber Liu“To Be Asian-American”
20233rdJulia Hoeffner“A Tale of Two American Dreams”
20234thCindy Xie“To Koch or To UnKoch: Towards a Science-Politics Praxis for Integrated Cancer Research”
20221stSam Ingersoll“A heaping pile of thoughts about minds, viruses, and religions”
20222ndAlicia Guo“What is art but a hope and a question?”
20223rdAviva Intveld“A Motivated Analysis of Sassanian and Ghassanid Influences on the Umayyad Desert Castles”
20224thAmber Velez“Milestones”
20211stQuinn Brodsky“Nelson Rolls”
20212ndLaura Schmidt-Hong“Halves”
20213rdEmily Levenson“Seeing What is Before Us”
20201stIvy Li“The Hypocrisy of Temperance in the Bower of Bliss”
20202ndVictoria Dzieciol“Lessons from History”
2020Honorable MentionAviva Intveld“An Anecdotal Approach to Perspectives on the Middle East”
2019 1stGabriella Zak“More Than a Pretty Picture”
20192ndGailin Pease“Following Spiders”
20193rdLily Jordan“Problem Exists between Chair and Keyboard”
20181st Talya Klinger“I Shall Not Wholly Die”
20182nd (tie)Selin Selman“Spots”
20182nd (tie)Maisha Prome“Memorizing a Language”
20171stRona Wang“Ai, [name]”
2017Honorable MentionHairuo Guo“Sets, Settings, and States”
20161stVivian Tran “homeofasister”
20151stGrace Assaye“As I Colored Myself In”
2015Honorable MentionNevin Daniel“India Story”
2015Honorable MentionDavid Hesslink“Wiffle Ballers”
20141stShannon Kao“Care and Feeding of”
20142ndRemi Mir
2014Honorable MentionColleen Gabel“The Complexity of Perception”
2014Honorable MentionPaul Yuan
20131stLydia Krasilnikova
20132nd (tie)Deborah Chen
20132nd (tie)Colleen Gabel
2013Honorable MentionKaty Gero
20121st (tie)Shawn Tsosie“The Rest Is Silence”
20121st (tie)Max Dunitz“An Ad Man Dreams of Turing Machines: Finding and Selling Love in the Computer Age”
20122ndCaitlin Lownes“Hidden in Plain Sight”
20123rdTom Roberts“2 B or Not 2 B”
2012Honorable MentionDawna Bagherian“Stardust A Letter to a Friend”
2012Honorable MentionEmma Gargus“An Ode to Orange”
20111st Shannon Moran“Freshman Year, On the Rocks”
20112ndMary Jue Xu“Chinese Disguise”
20113rd (tie)Jia Zhu“I Am Woman”
20113rd (tie)Shawn TsosieUntitled
2011Honorable MentionIngwon Chae“Reporter at Large: Waiting For”
20101st Abdul Munir“Burdens”
20102ndSeohyung Kim“Where Truth Lies”
20103rd (tie)Joan Chen“Poems”
20103rd (tie)Emma Rosen“Passageways”
2010Honorable MentionShannon Moran“Just American”
20091stMarguerite Siboni“Virginity Revisited”
20092nd (tie)Kristin Uhmeyer“Playing with Matches”
20092nd (tie)Cristen Blair Chinea“In Loisaida”
20081stKatie Sievert“Rhythms of Return”
20082ndNina Mann“On Huahogs, Waterfire, and Coffeemilk: What’s Big in a Little State”
20083rdElizabeth Finn“Almost Famous”
2008Honorable MentionTony Valderrama“Nonin”
20071st (tie)Farah Ghniem“Reflections on Home”
20071st (tie)Anna Wexler“Lights Out, New York”
20072ndMatthew Petersen“About Time”
20073rdKaitlin Kamrowski“On How Love Floats Us and Sinks Us, Propels Us Forward and Holds Us Back”
2007Honorable MentionJoel Yuen“The Departures of Ramón”
20061stJordan Wirfs-Brock“The Oldest Potato”
20062ndHuawei Dong“Chinglish”
20063rdIngrid Lawhorn“Thrift”
2006Honorable MentionJiarong (Jessie) Wang“Of Encounters: Musings inspired by the style of Sir Francis Bacon”
20051st Anna D. Bergren“Throwing Punches and Cutting Seals: Saving Boston’s CITGO Sign”
20052nd (tie)Matthew R. Burns“Grace”
20052nd (tie)Jessica Young“Seeing the Big Picture”
20053rd (tie)Victoria Y. Fan“Care and Hope for the Dying”
20053rd (tie)Theresa Shyr“Wearing the Pants”
20041stAnna Wexler
20042ndEmily Levesque
20043rdTheresa Shyr
2004Honorable MentionSarah A. Laszlo
20031st Deborah Pan“Grandma’s Story”
20032ndRuimin He“Mosquito”
20033rdAmy Fisher“present absence”
2003Honorable MentionMichael Wongchaow“Small Friends”
20021st Jeffrey Dumas LeBlanc“Move”
20022ndKevin R. Lang“On Waking”
20023rdJose C. Rivera“Where Are You Going To?”
2002Honorable MentionJovonne J. Bickerstaff“Daddy’s Girl”

Robert A. Boit Prize (Poetry)

20241stJune Kayath“Transmutations”
20242ndFiona Lu“Lifelines”
20243rdGosha Geogdzhayev“The Distance Left to Go”
20244thAndrea Akwiwu“a smoot away”
20231stFelicia Xiao“The Sound of All Human Knowledge”
20232ndKaivalya Hariharan“Lensmaker”
20233rd (tie)Sophie Van Pelt“Waves”
20233rd (tie)Katie Hall“The Girl on a Bike”
20221stAlicia Guo“kitchen meditations”
20222ndQuinn Brodsky“let me out of this skin”
20223rdSagnik Anupam“three untitled poems”
2021 1stSophia Diggs-Galligan“A Book Slammed Shut”
20212ndSharon Lin“Five Poems”
20213rdSophia Cohen“Endings & Never Endings”
2021Honorable MentionNailah Smith“Love in a Glass of Water”
2021Honorable MentionPatricia Gao“Handheld Ghost”
20201stMerryn Daniel“For Wanting”
20202ndRona Wang“I Overuse the Ampersand”
20203rdWendy Trattner“Flockless”
2020Honorable MentionJoshua Derrick“Dreams from Yesterday”
2020Honorable MentionSophia Diggs-Galligan“Lenormand Sestinas/Maine Poems”
20191stSophia E Diggs-Galligan“Sylvian Fissure”
20192nd (tie)Gailin Pease“Years Spent Wanting”
20192nd (tie)Jullianna R Bracco“Text Your Friends and Water Your Plants”
2019Honorable MentionFatima Gunter-Rahman“Life’s Small Questions”
2019Honorable MentionKatie O’Nell“A Natural Body”
20181st (tie)Sabrina Ibarra“Limes”
20181st (tie)Elise Bickford“Being and Room”
20182ndAllan (Vera) Ko“cyborg histories i can’t escape, cyborg futures i can barely see”
20183rdAnnika Rollock“Thoughts from Senior Year”
2018Honorable MentionVirginia Rosenberger“Earth”
20171stGailin Pease“Playing Cards”
20172ndDivya Goel“Hippocampus”
20173rdNicholas Matthews“Distant Sunrise in Malaga” // “At the Loggia” // “Jazz”
2017Honorable MentionDeborah Plana“Between Caracas and Cambridge”
20161stGailin Pease“How We Speak Hear”
20162ndPhoebe Cai“Markets for Bullets”
20163rdChristi Dawydiak“Learn by Doing Sex Ed”
2016Honorable MentionHarini Suresh“Parting Words”
20151st (tie)Natasha Balwit“Creation Myths”
20151st (tie)Laura Zhang“The Tale”
20152ndNicolas Brown“Memoir”
20153rd (tie)Deborah Plana“Seeing is Feeling”
20153rd (tie)Gailin Pease“Lost and Found”
2015Honorable MentionAndrew Trattner“iLAmb”
2015Honorable MentionJacob Isenhart“fractures”
20141stKevin Gildea“It’s Beautiful Thorns Have Roses”
20142ndJocelyn Gonzalez“I Do This, I Do That”
20143rdNatasha Balwit“Steller’s Jay Songbook”
2014Honorable MentionLourdes Bobbio“The Story of My Life”
20131stChristopher J. Sarabalis
20132ndRachel Ellison
20133rdHeather E. Acuff
20121st Kathleen Geyer“How We Grow”
20122nd (tie)Irina Kholodenko“Milk of Dogs”
20122nd (tie)Emerson Boram Lee“Five.5 Poems of Regret”
20123rdNaren Tallapragada“Morning in America”
20111stEli Williams“Southern Ruminations”
20112ndAnna Waldman-Brown“Selected Poems”
20113rdJoan Chen“Landscapes within”
2011Honorable MentionNikita Consu“Flutters That Come and Tickle and Don’t Go”
20101st (tie)Alexandra Corella“A Portrait of Cambridge”
20101st (tie)Seohyung Kim“Geography’s Here”
20102ndCatherine Huang“Selected Poems”
20103rd (tie)Kathleen Geyer“The Female Butterfly”
20103rd (tie)Eli Williams“Atmospheres”
20091stSarah Campbell Proehl“Fourteen Months”
20092ndLiz Hanson“Seven Days for Dan”
20093rdAlexandra Corella“A Day at the Beach”
20081st Sarah Dupuis-Kornreich“The Ghost: A Collection of Poems”
20082ndDan Levine“Range”
20071st Zachary Smith“There Are Holes in Everything”
20072ndSamantha Weiss“Reflections”
20073rdNancy Hua“Home and Away”
2007Honorable MentionFarah Ghniem“First Things”
20061stZachary Smith“College Kid: Walking or Standing Still”
20062ndDarlene Ferranti“Moments Gone By”
20063rdSam Felton“My Friends”
2006Honorable MentionPatricia Martinez“Hindsight”
20051stJessica Young“Days Go By”
20052ndNadezhda Belova“Unrelated”
20053rdMatthew Burns“Never Barren”
20041stVladimir Fleurima
20031st Daria Lymar“Staying the Night”
20032ndSarah Shin“Identity”
20033rdAnna Kuperstein“In Search Of”
20021st Amanda Bligh“Poison Ivy”, Untitled, “Dating Services in Arlington”
20022ndAaron Parness“Chronicles of Maturity’s Cost”
20023rdAllison Lewis“Sizing It Up”
2002Honorable MentionHanyin Lin“Within These Restrictions”

Robert A. Boit Prize (Short Story)

20241stVanessa Vidic“Language”
20242ndCindy Xie“Moongazing”
20243rdSusan Hong“If a Tree Falls in a Forest”
20244thFiona Lu“Cored”
20231stSiyi Lin“Vera”
20232ndCindy Xie“Paper Lives”
20233rdLayal Barakat“Hide and Seek”
20234thJack King“Sea Shepherd”
20221stBritney Ting“Ticket to Freedom”
20222ndLeah Yost“The Death of a Coward”
20223rdAmber Liu“Sanctuary”
20224thLaura Rosado“A Little Bit”
2021 1stRona Wang“Glass Foxkit”
20212ndMaisha Prome“Unmatched”
20213rdTiffany Huang“Monobloc”
2021Honorable MentionSharon Lin“The Dollar Store”
20201stLinyue Fan“The Wolf”
20202ndHanna Kherzai“Passersby”
20203rdVivian Song“Water Marks”
2020Honorable MentionRona Wang“Bird’s Nest”
20191stChloe Yang“The Flavor Engineers”
20192ndIvy Li“The Veteran’ Blue Flowers”
20193rdHannah Ledford“Deviled Eggs”
2019Honorable MentionGailin Pease“Tidal Restoration”
20181stHannah Michaye Ledford“Visiting Beaumont”
20182ndPhoebe Cai“A Marriage”
20183rdIvy Li“Maimed Geese Fly Too”
2018Honorable MentionSynthia Odu“Virulent”
20171stRona Wang“The Art of Acceptance”
20172ndKishore Patra“The Green Chillies”
20173rdGailin Pease“She Thought She Could Outrun Anything”
20161stChristian Infante“The Faults They Had”
20162ndLydia Krasilnikova“Soft Blue Towels, Soft White Sands”
20163rdGailin Pease“When I Know Her”
2016Honorable MentionArman Rahman“For Internal Use Only”
20151stVincent Anioke“The Same Old Thing”
20152ndIshwarya Ananthabhotla“Naanama”
20153rdPaelle Powell“Super B”
2015Honorable MentionHannah “Hailan” Pang“Story Dates”
20141stZachary Wener-Fligner“Vince Fields, M.P.S.”
20142ndLaura Zhang
20143rdChristopher Sarabalis“Lorenz”
20131stZach Wener-Fligner
20132ndSteven Guitron
20133rdDana Reback
20121st (tie)Madeline Clark“Red Lacy Panties
20121st (tie)Aimee Harrison“Red Hair and Wiry Arms”
20122ndVirginia Nicholson“Skin Dyed Black”
20123rdMolly Kozminsky“Cartography”
20111stBethany D. Patten“On”
20112ndGrant Kadokura“The Garden”
20113rdVirginia Nicholson“Kamikaze Fireflies”
2011Honorable MentionCarlo Mannino“Flash”
20101stSeohyung Kim“Bad Behavior”
20102ndCatherine Huang“Green Eyes”
20103rdAbdul Munir“Guantanamo”
20091st Seohyung Kim“Overdose”
20092ndAnneke Schwob“Lost Cause”
20093rdRenee Reder“Blue-Gray”
20081stAnneke Schwob“Danny O’Malley Is Dead”
20082ndSamantha Weiss“Simulated in Black and White”
20083rdMolly Jabas“The Tree Lot”
2008Honorable MentionAlison Berke“The Cardinal”
20071stNadja Oertelt“The Blue House”
20072ndJoao Paulo Mattos Almeida“Moment”
20073rdGillian Conahan“Ghosts on the Web”
2007Honorable MentionFarah Ghniem“Worlds Apart”
20061st Nancy Hua“Valley of Diamonds”
20062ndJean Choi“Inside Orange”
20063rdAnicham Kumarasamy“Dorm Shopping with Amma”
2006Honorable MentionJonathan Blum“Work Shall Set You Free”
20051st Jocelyn Rodal“Clementine”
20052ndAdora Asala“An Experiment with the Female Anopheles Mosquito”
20053rdFarah Ghniem“Learning to Breathe Under Water”
2005Honorable MentionAnita Kris“Dangerous Heights”
20031stMichelle A. Naderman“Outliving Liz”
20032ndArthur Musah“ACCRA”
20033rdBurhanuddin A. Baki“Short Story About Fire”
2003Honorable MentionAmy Fisher“pieces”
20021st Jovonne J. Bickerstaff“Missing Daddy”
20022ndOsman M. Bakr“The Gate”
20023rdNathaniel K. Choge“Bread”
2002Honorable MentionChris Kelly“Substitute Teacher”
2002Honorable MentionRachel Dillon“art school”
*No prize awarded in 2004.

S. Klein Prize for Scientific Writing

20241stSarah Hopkins“Collateral Consequences: An Addiction Researcher Confronts America’s Opioid Crisis”
20242ndCindy Xie“Cabo Seca’: Environmental Change and Human Health in Santiago Island”
20221stLeah Campbell“‘That‘s Not How It Needs to Be’ – New Orleans Residents Take on Street Flooding and Lead the Green Infrastructure Revolution”
20222ndAviva Intveld“Cleaning Painted Surfaces: A Review of the Physiochemical Effects of Organic Solvents on Varnished Oil Paintings”
2021 1stElizabeth (Lizzie) Yarina“Watershed Wars and Porosity politics: Uneven Geographies of Climate Risk”
20212ndRodrigo Ochigame“Logic in a Contradictory World”
20201st (tie)Marion Boulicault“Gender and the measurement of fertility: A Case Study in Critical Metrology”
20201st (tie)Leah Yost“The Spanish Lady’s Underwear”
20191stLeah Yost“The Problem with Pain”
20192ndAndrea K. Beck“Mentor Motivations”
20181st Frankie Schembri“Students on the Cutting Edge”
20171stKate Telma“A Diagnosing Challenge”
20172ndGiorgia Guglielmi“Media of Mass Destruction”
20141stAshley Smith
20142ndKara Manke“My Thymus, My Self”
20131stHannah Chen
20132ndLydia Krasilnikova
20121st David Garcia“Bacteria Did It First”
20122nd (tie)Patricia Stockwell“Opening a Can of Worms”
20122nd (tie)Fangfei Shen“The Ocean’s Unpopular Crowd”
20111stAnna Waldman-Brown“One in a Trillion: Dark Matter and the Wild West of Particle Physics”
20112nd (tie)Gillian Conahan“Folding to Formula”
20112nd (tie)Allison MacLachlan“The Color of Normal”
20101st Amanda Rose Martinez“Jam Session in the Brain
20102nd (tie)Joshua FeblowitzComputer, MD: How Clinical Decision Support Is Changing the World of Medicine”
20102nd (tie)Fangfei Shen“The Science of Birthday Wishes”
20091st Genevieve Wanucha“The Clearest Mirror: The Science of Laughing and Crying”
20092ndYuri Hanada“Turning Off the Metastatic Switch”
20081st Lissa Harris“Heredity Blues”
20082ndAllyson T. Collins“Insight from Outcasts”
*No prize awarded in 2023.

S. Klein Prize for Technical Writing

20241stJayashabari Shankar“Does Snow Cover Affect the Biodiversity of Various Grasses in Utah’s Wasatch Front?”
20231stEmelie Eldracher“AI-Row: A Real-Time Mobile ML Analytics Application for Para and Non-Para Rowers”
20221stVainavi Mukkamala“Small Molecule Binders to TDP43 RNA-Recognition Motifs Were Discovered Through Small Molecule Microarrays”
20222nd (tie)Ananya Gurumurthy“The Rapid Rise of Cryptocurrency”
20222nd (tie)Mojolaoluwa Oke“The Effects of Jump Style and Rope Weight on Skipping Speed”
20211stSeung Hyeon Shim“Amino Acid Substitutions”
2020 1stWendy Trattner“Sleep Sound Analysis for Masking City Traffic Noise”
20202ndSteven Truong“Genetic-Based Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Vietnam”
20191st (tie)Brigid Bane“Dopaminergic projections from the ventral tegmental area (VTA) to the posterior basolateral amygdala (pBLA) help extinguish fear memories”
20191st (tie)Kimberly Feng“Cellular Modulation of Allograft Injury in a Model of Lung Transplant”
20181stKristina E Lopez“Role of Tissue Architecture in Chromosome Segregation”
20171stYasuko Mano“Role of Autophagy in PDAC”
20172ndCamilo Espinosa“Creating an Immune Tolerance Model”
20161stSarah Osmulski“A Comprehensive Analysis of Essential and Conditionally Essential Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Using Transposon Insertion Sequencing”
20162ndMolly McNamara“A Role for BMI1 in Metastatic Melanoma Resistance to BRAF Inhibition”
2016Honorable MentionKara Presbrey“Using Olfaction to Prevent Obesity”
20151stAdelaide Tovar“Developing an Improved Immunotherapy for Late–Stage Cancers by Engineering Immunomodulation”
20152ndMarsha Wibowo“CDX2 is not required for down-regulation of pluripotency genes in mouse fetal ovarian germ cells”
20141st (tie)Eun Yong Choi
20141st (tie)Tom Roberts
20142ndAndrea Kriz
20131stVictoria Lu
20132nd (tie)Thai Pham
20132nd (tie)Divya Pillai
20121stLaura McCulloch“Impact of I142 on Fidelity and polymerization activity in P. Furiosus DNA Polymerase”
20122nd (tie)Eileen Yang and Monica Oliver“The Influence of Classroom Dynamics on MIT Student Participation”
20122nd (tie)Kenneth Lin“YPEL4: Highly Conserved Gene Required for Terminal Red Blood Cell Development”
20111stKamena Kostova“High throughput screen for small molecules that mimic p53 restoration”
20112nd (tie)Daniel Levine“Using Fluorescent Quantum Dots to Illuminate Interactions at the Molecular and Cellular Level”
20112nd (tie)Eric Scarborough“Identification of novel mutations affecting mitomycin C tolerance in Caulobacter crescentus”
20101st (tie)Amelia Chang“Unbiased discovery of genes relevant for breast cancer metastasis”
20101st (tie)Harrison F. O’Hanley“Performance of a Stove Mounted Thermoelectric Generator”
20102ndJihye Kim“A new biochemical pathway for synaptic plasticity: an in vivo morphological study”
20092nd (tie)Tony Hyun Kim“An Iterative Technique for Solving the N-electron Hamiltonian: The Hartree-Fork Method”
20092nd (tie)Annick Aubin Pouliot“Polymerization Activity and Fidelity of H137C Pfu DNA Polymerase”
20081stC. Carter Jernigan and Behram Mistree“Gaydar: Facebook Friendships Expose Sexual Orientation”
20082ndShuo Han“A Game of Switches: Epigenetic Regulation of Variegating Cell Wall Genes”
20071stKaren Lingyun Chu“Rhyming in Mandarin Chinese: A Study Based on Popular Song Lyrics”
20072ndRaj Singh“On the Optimal Design of Human Communication”
2007Honorable MentionWilliam Buttinger“Verilog Implementation of a Digital Traffic-Light Controller with User-Modifiable Timing Parameters”
20061st (tie)Vijay Shilpiekandula“Fabrication and Characterization of Micron-sized Silicon Nitride Beams”
20061st (tie)Sira Sriswasdi“An Improved Lower Bound for Moser’s Worm Problem”
20062ndSarah Nelson“Retinoic acid receptor binds putative retinoic acid response elements in mouse and human Stra8”
20051stYing (Jean) Zheng“Optimizing Proximity Heating Parameters of Silicon Wafers”
20052ndShauna Mei and Craig Rothman“Diffusivity as a Function of pH for an Uncharged Solute”
2005Honorable MentionStephen Lee“RHG expression and interaction with DIAP 1 in apopotosis of drosophilia S2 cells”
20031st Sameer Shah“Biosociality & Usenet: A Dialogue of Cyberculture”
20032ndDerrick Carpenter“Studies on the Causes of Homosexuality and Their Influences on Gay and Lesbian Law”
2003Honorable MentionAlexis Dieter“Mechanisms of Learning and Memory: Involvement of the Primary and Supplemental Motor Cortexes, the Cerebellum and REM Sleep in Motor Learning”
20021st Danielle Guez“Cause of Death of Chrlinergic Neurons in Alzheimer’s Disease”
*No first prize awarded in 2009, 2004

Vera List Prize for Writing on the Visual Arts

20241stSophia Chen“Black Cobwebs”
20242ndKartik Chandra“A Strange Thing Happens when You Live With a Work of Art”
20231stKartik Chandra“The Burghers’ Quiet Truth – An AI Researcher Reacts to AI Art”
20232ndJerry Han“A (Non-Fungible) Token of My Appreciation”
20221stNina Wexelblatt“The Vertical Museum: Standard Oil at MoMA”
20222ndBrandon O. Scott“Drawn Down”
20211stSachin Bhagchandani“Resurrecting Memory: Museums, Affect, Emotions”
20212ndSharon Lin“Play Time”
20201stSachin Bhagchandani“Back to the Future”
20202ndSharon Lin“Glitch From Malfunction to Modern Art”
20191stZhexi Zhang “Lu Yang, Chaos and Cosmos”
20192ndJocelyn Shen“Between Barbed Wire: A Visual Analysis of TIME’s Welcome to America”
20181stEmily Watlington“‘A woman shouldn’t waste her talent on such a harsh game’: Female Agency in Ericka Beckman’s Cinderella and Hiatus
20182ndHeather Nelson“Standing Below the Wall: Graffiti as Political Activism”
20171stEmily Watlington“Sophie Calle”
20172ndShane Reiner-Roth“You Don’t Need a Door on a Formica Kitchen”
20161st, U*M. Abrams“The Story of My Blindness”
20162nd, USam Fomon“bars of color within squares”
20161st, GJackson Davidow“La vie en rose: Love in Rahard Fung’s Sea in the Blood”
20162nd, GDuygu Demir“The Eye, The Shooter and the Viewer: Representation, Reception and Deception in Rabih Mroue’s The Fall of Hair”
20151st, UM. Abrams and Caitlin Mehl“Eraser”
20152nd, UKatherine Weishaar“Entrance to the Village of Vetheuil in Winter: A Comparative Study”
20151st, GKelly Presutti“Producing Eastern Europe: The Legacy of the Soros Centers in the Work of Attila Csorgo”
20141st, UNatasha Balwit“Levitated Mass”
20142nd, UTheresa Santiano-McHatton
20141st, GNisa Ari
20142nd, GDesi Gonzalez“‘Museum without Walls’: PBS’s Art:21 in the Contemporary Art Landscape”
20131stKaty Gero
20132ndKapaya Katongo
20101stEmma Rosen“Strength, Joy, and Seduction: An Analysis of Leni Riefenstahl’s Treatment of Contemporary Issues in Triumph of the Will; and a Comparison between Triumph of the Will and Olympia
20102ndSamuel Kronick“On the Aesthetics of Technology and Engineering in Collaborative Conceptual Practice”
20091st Seohyung Kim“Imagining a Modern Community in Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading The People’”
20092ndGeorge Hansel“Nondeterminism and Self-Reference: a Fundamental Construct of Modernism”
20081stEric Schmiedl“The Use of Narrative in Advertising Photography”
20082ndMihai Duduta“Frank Ghery, Starchitect or Master of Spin?”
20031st John Wallach“Artistic Vision as the Key to Kafka’s The Trial And Woolf’s To The Lighthouse”
20032ndEvan Pruitt“Transcending Time”
20021st Tina Lin“Chiaroscuro Effects”
*U = undergraduate prize. G = graduate prize. No prize 2004-2007, 2011, 2012.