Scot Osterweil receives MIT Excellence Award

We’re so proud to share the news that Education Arcade research director Scot Osterweil was recently presented with an MIT Excellence Award.

Scot Osterweil

Scot Osterweil

Scot Osterweil received an award in the “Bringing Out the Best” category. His CMS colleagues were there to cheer him on (see the video below):

Bringing Out the Best

Scot Osterweil
Research Director
Department of Urban Studies, School of Architecture & Planning

“Well-known in his field for helping to create the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, our next awardee is an inspiration to game developers everywhere. But for those who work in MIT’s Education Arcade, he is also a selfless mentor–the go-to guy for assistance of all kinds. He remains close enough to projects to provide influence, while giving others space to grow. As one nominator said, ‘His faith in my abilities as a manager… have enabled me to tackle tasks and produce results I wouldn’t have dreamed of under other leadership.’

“While exceptionally busy, he always makes time to help others–even assisting one staffer with design work to ensure her project met deadline. He has a wealth of experience, a brilliant mind, and a generous character.

“This award for Bringing out the Best goes to Scot Osterweil.”

Andrew Whitacre

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