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  • Cynthia Young

    Podcast: Cynthia Young, “Race and Representation after 9/11”

    Cynthia Young and Anamik Saha on media representations of African American men in the “war on terror,” from criminal to patriot, at war against a new enemy.

  • In Medias Res, Fall 2004

    In Medias Res, Fall 2004

    “Because of our interest in the communities that form around games, we are positioned to examine the informal learning that occurs outside of school spaces.”

  • The Serpent's Gift
Helen Elaine Lee
Scribner, 1995

    The Serpent’s Gift

    “Helen Elaine Lee’s supremely assured The Serpent’s Gift, a first novel that gives to us — with the fullest emotional resonance, humor, and exultation in the novelist’s art — the intertwined stories of two families from early in this century to our own times. “