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    Jim Bizzocchi, “Close-Reading Media Poetics”

    Close reading requires that the scholar immerse herself in the experience of the text on its own terms, and at the same time maintain a critical distance.

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    “I’ll Give It a Try”: Jim Bizzocchi on Going from CMS to Tenure

    “It has been a long time since I left CMS, and I’ve been busy and active every moment of the journey since I left. You need to do that to succeed in any career. At the same time, though, this is just as true: every day, at every step, I have drawn upon and, in the process, relived my days at CMS.”

  • In Medias Res, Spring 2012

    In Medias Res, Spring 2012

    “The pas de deux between these top-down and bottom-up developments has put media ever more at the center of contemporary cultural practice.”