Using the Writing and Communication Center

The WCC at MIT (Writing and Communication Center) offers free one-on-one professional advice from communication experts. The WCC is staffed completely by MIT lecturers. All have advanced degrees. All are experienced college classroom teachers of communication. All are all are published scholars and writers. Not counting the WCC’s director’s years (he started the WCC in 1982), the WCC lecturers have a combined 134 years’ worth of teaching here at MIT (ranging from 4 to 24 years), averaging over 18 years each. The WCC works with undergraduate, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, staff, alums, spouses and partners.

The WCC helps you strategize about all types of academic and professional writing as well as about all aspects of oral presentations (including practicing classroom presentations & conference talks as well as designing slides).

No matter what department or discipline you are in, the WCC helps you think your way more deeply into your topic, helps you see new implications in your data, research, and ideas.

The WCC also helps with all English as Second Language issues, from writing and grammar to pronunciation and conversation practice.

The WCC is located in E18-233, 50 Ames Street. To guarantee yourself a time, make an appointment.

To register with our online scheduler and to make appointments, go to

On the scheduler, any white slot is an available appointment; any light blue slot is an appointment that has already been taken by someone else; any yellow/orange slot is your own appointment; any dark blue slot means no lecturer is available.

On the scheduler, click on any white slot. When the pop-up window appears, click “Save Appointment” and it is yours. You’ll receive a reminder notice the night before the appointment that will remind you of the day and time of your appointment.

In the upper left-hand corner of each day on the scheduler is a little clock. Click on the clock to be added to the Wait List. Whenever there is a cancellation, you will be immediately notified via email or text. Then go immediately to the scheduler to make the appointment (many others will also receive that notification). You must click the clock for each day that you wish to be notified.

To access the WCC’s many pages of advice about writing and oral presentations, go to .

Check the online scheduler for up-to-date hours and available appointments.